MTG Card of the Day: Wheel of Fortune

in #mtg10 months ago

We have picked up a couple nice collections of Revised edition Magic the Gathering cards including a lot of Revised Edition cards. Figured I'd share a few of the more valuable cards with everyone.

Wheel of Fortune is one of the more valuable cards in the revised edition set.


We are always looking to purchase MTG, Pokemon, Comic, and Toy collections. Even willing to travel (in the US) based on the size of the collection. Feel free to message on Discord if you are looking to sell a collection.


As someone who started playing back in the Beta/Unlimited days, this brings back SO many memories. :)

If you still have those cards you have some serious money sitting there. It's truly amazing how much money some of the Beta and Unlimited cards are worth.

I’ve never done much with MTG. Maybe that will be my next thing to collect.

It's something a lot of people view as an investment at this point. The hard to find cards don't seem to have drops in value very often and typically the charts so the price increasing over time.

Yeah I've seen a few companies where you can invest in shares of the super high value cards.

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