The Buzz - new show on MSP - more fun, no steem - would you like to get involved?

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I have done a lot of shows on MSP talking to a lot of steemians about a lot of steem.

That's all good and golden, but sometimes it feels like we need to kick back, change gear and do stuff just for the heck of it.

So I am starting a new two hour show on Saturday's called The Buzz.

It's going to have music, quizzes, prizes and of course talking... but NOT about Steem.

I want hot tunes, hot dogs, hot toddies, hot air balloons, hot mics and just a little bit of hot air from time to time...

One Step Beyond...

What I would really like to do is take the show 'out there'.

To take it out into the wider world to attract people into Steem.

Not by discussing crypto and blockchains, but by talking with interesting Steemians about interesting things - unusual jobs, crazy adventures, fantastic stories and a bit of weird thrown in for good measure.

To make Steem a bit more visible and a bit more attractive to the world at large.

That will all take technical skills and social media skills that I don't have so that will have to wait awhile.

But if anyone is into multi-casting (I think it is called), or likes social media promotion, and would like to get involved with the show do let me know.

Getting involved & being a guest...

I'm looking for people who like to come on the show.

I would love to hear from musicians who might want to play some of their music - live ideally. Maybe even comedians who would like to stand up and tell a joke or two.

And I am seeking out steemians with interesting stories to tell. Have you got an unusual job, or have you been on an unusual adventure, or just got a weird story to tell?

I am also going to try a pub quiz - not quite sure on the mechanics yet but if you would like to be a contestant contact me on Discord (Pennsif#9921).

When is it happening...

The show will be on MSP Waves on Saturday's from 9pm - 11pm UTC.

That is just after @crimsonclad's Steemwaves Saturday show and just before The Play House with @carrieallen and @chrisroberts.

Saturday's will then have 10 hours of continuous programming on MSP Waves !

I am planning to start the new show on 2 November or 9 November.

This is all going to be a bit of an experiment.

It will have the lure of free BEER and cash prizes so hopefully that will get the crowds along.

If not, I'll just head back to SteemLand...

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This sounds cool! Must make a reminder time for it! I love a quiz too

Sweet. There used to be a show like that on sundays and it was great fun. Hopefully this can get some buzz going.

I'll give it a try


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I absolutely love this idea! I'm sure it's going to be fascinating - so many interesting stories out there in people's lives!

This sounds like great fun!

brilliant idea pennsif!

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