Community Meeting Today at 5pm EDT/9pm UTC!

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MSP Waves has come a long way since our humble beginnings, both in tech and community. It's been 3 wonderful years with a lot of ups and downs, bull and bear markets, and we're still here delivering 24/7 content with hosts from all around the world and music from the best blockchain musicians that anyone could ask for.

We're paving a new path, a new paradigm in how streaming channels are viewed. As far as we're aware, nobody else is doing what we're doing, which has its pros and cons. There is a lot of opportunity in blazing a new trail, but you're sure to have some obstacles to overcome. And this is where you come in...


Community Meeting Breakdown

We're inviting our show hosts, listeners, fans, critics, and everyone who wants to attend to give us feedback on how we're doing, talk a little shop, and help us brainstorm ideas to bring this project to the next level. We're finally at a point in development where massive growth is possible, so we need to get on the same page on how to attain it.

General guideline:

  • We'll begin with a bit of history
  • Discuss the state of the tech and rehash our master plan
  • Improvements to the audience experience
  • Demystify and answer questions about DJ onboarding
  • Crowdsource marketing ideas
  • General AMA/Feedback


This will be happening in the PAL server immediately following Cyber Buzz with @crimsonclad in the #general-voice chat at 5pm EST/9pm UTC. It will last for 2 hrs or until there are no more questions or feedback, whichever comes first.

MSP Waves would be nothing without our amazing community of hosts and fans, so it only makes sense to include you all to prepare the for the future. We're just getting started, and with your support, the sky is the limit.