Random Ass Radio and Meme the News (is that really HRC?)

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Random Ass Radio is back in about 90 minutes! So, if you have a hunkering from some dark country, 90s rock, or something completely random... don't miss this!

The show starts at 8pm Eastern (NYC time). You can listen at mspwaves.com and interact by joinging us in discord at minnowpond.org

Meme the News

So, this shit is pretty hard for me to handle. Here's the New Hillary. There's no amount of plastic surgery that I think accounts for this person. That's not her... I made a post years ago about hilliary's body doubles. There's just no way to me this is the same person.

well that escalated quickly


yep, if the cancer doesn't kill you the debt surely will

Republicans be like

People be like

Government be like

Yeah, what happened to this story...

Handling things today

Did you even hear this story brah?

Going the distance for his family

I'm dying

Such Deep, Thoughts wow

Cops aren't there to protect you...

Here's why

PS public education is a weapon of mass destruction

 last year 

Can't make tonight's show, hope it's a good one!

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Yeah, that is not hillary clinton in my opinion. I just made a video on this. Going check out the show too!

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Hillary looks like that psychic Walter Mercado.