PAL Town Hall - Steem Hardfork 23


As you may have noticed there's a hardfork happening on the Steem blockchain. It's extreme in that it zeroes account balances of the following users:


I'm inviting anyone that would like to participate in a conversation onto mspwaves at that time.

Logistics to listen to participate. Please have headphones and a working microphone.
The show starts at 2pm Eastern, which is 3 hours from when this post launches.

Tempers I imagine are going to be pretty damn high. I'd like to remind everyone that we balance peace and liberty in the server. Feel free to disagree with actions and people, let's try not to dehumanize anyone. So, all non-violent opinions are welcome but not all deliveries of those opinions are. Try to be mindful especially when you're heated.

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Splinterlands should move to Hive asap, staying on Steem is not credible.

1 june it will happen. Read last spt post

oh thx for the info, this makes sense now :)

It is so sick what is happening on the Steem bkockchain. It seems like a bad joke.

I'll be there! This pushes my commitment to HIVE even further!

Small suggestion:
Try to use countdown feature for this kind of post.

Are there any known issues with keychain? I can’t login. I’m trying to withdraw some of my pegged hive on Steem engine

The poor STEEM blockchain, even with all the HIVE peeps leaving it still had a chance to do something and they've chosen to turn it into a steaming pile

Living dangerously on Steem ....I think many would be disturb with the new development. Forking will happen in next 24 there anyway our hard earned Steem.?? The msp wave is not suiting me to attend. It would be quite late here in India

The mess created by Justin gets deeper by day...

Authoritarians gonna do how authoritarians do.

To be fair, I know at least one account on the list has been reward pool farming on Steem not that it makes it okay.

If the split had been amicable, reckon we wouldn't be seeing this frequent tit-for-tat which in all honesty many are probably seeing it and thinking "Oh not this shit again".

In other words, at first there may have been a somewhat romanticized perception of the struggle in a sort of standing up and sticking to the man sort of way but it's gonna run out.

People are going to get tired of the feud and start looking at it as a couple kids that just won't stop fighting in the back seat of a car ride.

Like the kind of shit where daddy says, don't make me go back there as he loosens his belt. Part of me is kidding but at the same time, I am serious because the situation is becoming a little repetitive.

If it could have been like, "Hey Steem and Sun Supporters, best of luck to you but we gonna do our own thing. No ill will. See ya around!" And then let it be. That would have been better imho