Minnow Mayor Town Hall and meme the news

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It's Sunday Night. So, that means minnow mayor town hall time. Come celebrate the end of 2019 and the nice pump happening to bitcoin now to welcome visualize and welcome in the bulls of 2020. Should be fun.

https://minnowpond.org audio and text
mspwaves.com/listen - audio only

Meme the News

I'll be adding memes shortly. Please know that these are for educational purposes only. It doesn't mean I advocate everything here. It's just for thoughts. Relax and enjoy.

public school is a weapon of mass destruction

Worst shitcoin ever

Vaccines seem to have a bad rep with some groups

Epstein runs deep

Weinstein runs deep

I hate the TSA and patriot act

Drug dealing runs deep

those looks like pizzas

Leave them amish alone

How come anything secretive also has a band name after them?


this seems to be an ongoing debate that's pretty old

I know!!!

Share a coke with friends

who the fuck are these people?

this is fine...

can we get a stronger authority than this... oh it's the CDC

Ladies and genltemen your class of 2019

who dat?

climate stuff

My guess is that this thing will be important

fake news is fake?

hmmmm, doesn't seem awesome

Yep, don't wanna show this

it seems intergenerational if you're wondering where the boyz came from

Nothing to see here...


In meme we trust 🙏🏽

Merry Christmas! Cheers !BEER

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Hey @aggroed, here is a little bit of BEER from @donald.porter for you. Enjoy it!

On the plane yesterday while entering i sort of hinted at stuff that you mentioned in your post at a dude standing next to wearing a t-shirt that said malevolent. Gave him the names of some authors, historians etc. He said that i should not believe in anything from the internet. I tried explaining him that speaking 5 languages and having lived on several continents can also give a fair perspective of how true liberty should be. He might have perceived my speech as violent towards him (1984) . I wished him benevolence. Its good question the construct to this extend as well.

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