Minnow Mayor Town Hall and Meme the News

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Show starts at the top of the hour. That's like 10 minutes from when this post goes live. Hopefully you'll join me. You can find the show at https://minnowpond.org via discord or https://mspwaves.com/listen for just the audio. Should be fun. I think I may have lost my cohost, so I'm on the look out for someone that wants to host the show with me.

I haven't done a proper meme the news in a long time, so I have a pretty huge chest of memes to put out there so. I'm gonna launch this post and start adding them over the next 10 min or so.

Meme the News

BOOMERS + sexual identity

Polio didn't go anywhere

World's biggest assclown

There seems to be a portion of the gay agenda that has some really uncool pedo aspects. I'm good with consensual sex acts, but you can't have any with kids.


False flag incoming (I bet this won't show up till later)

Cue George Carlin skit "I just want to get on with my life"

Can't go anywhere these days

the News is propaganda

That 10 year challenge tho

I haven't confirmed this

This is disturbing I think he just got a medal

It always seems like a bad attack is just 1 bad headline away

I'd be amazed if he actually said this

Don't forget


not all heros wear capes

Creepy Joe


So good!

I have information that will lead the arrest of high ranking pharma execs that the Clintons take money from


Be Vigalent

There is zero malarky here

This got me

Picture of the year to be, Iraq successful protest

No progress

Old at this point, but I still think it's signif

He's talking old school biblical shit. I think it's a message.

Digital money keeps popping up

Sometimes I think there's something to Q


Schiff and Podesta go wayyyy back

Comey did some bad shit


I fucking love Dan. So GOOD!!!!

Where the money comes from

Can't talk about how this is damaging to kids

Is this a possible source?

I want to see it, but it's kinda close to home...

This is light hearted

Future sight

Is this accurate?

Been trying to figure out what the nefarious part might be... could be this?

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More on the upcoming false flag in texas, kinda worrying they specifically mention 'decontamination procedures' :(


gosh this was massive.

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