Minnow Mayor Town Hall - Starts at the top of the hour

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Ok, tonight is Minnow Mayor Town hall. It's my last show of the year! WOOT! Come join us, introduce yourself, showcase a talent, read a post, do whatever! This show is meant for you.

Visit us at mspwaves.com/listen or https://minnowpond.org

Meme the News


Quid pro Quo


Government is here to distract us

Many changes

Not all heros

Abusive relationships

WTF is this?

But muh herd immunity


Other than that they are safe

Adam Schiff with the guy who ke3eps having dead black guys in his house

Good to know


Coming soon to a freedom loving place


Don't take it from me

Now I'm healthy...

Escating would be awesome

But at least they have hepb protection?

All caps, microprint, "authorized signature" - Evidence of your strawman in daily life

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