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"Tyler Rake, a fearless black market mercenary, embarks on the most deadly extraction of his career when he's enlisted to rescue the kidnapped son of an imprisoned international crime lord."
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Extraction is a fast-paced action thrill ride staring Thor Chris Hemsworth. The movie revolves around a mercenary extracting a kidnapped kid in Bangladesh.

I'll come right out and say it, I wasn't a big fan of this movie. The story was meh except for the protagonist's arc. That being said, the action sequences were well worth the price of admission.


The action scenes were top notch and exciting. The story though just didn't feel that interesting. I did like the chemistry between Chris Hemsworth and the kidnapped boy.

The movie is very gritty and was certainly well done, it is just like every other movie of the genre. It doesn't bring anything unique or interesting. Although I wasn't a big fan, I would recommend it just to watch Chris Hemsworth absolutely nail his role and the visceral fight scenes.


It's hard to put my finger on why I am not a big fan of the movie when the action sequences and Chris Hemsworth were stunning. The other parts of the film just felt like a blur in the background. Nothing remarkable or even rememberable.

One thing I found interesting about the film is how poorly it is accepted by native Bangladesh. Apparently the film doesn't accurately portray the culture.

If you like action films, I definitely think you should check this one out. It is probably Chris Hemsworth's best work, there just isn't a lot to support him here.






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Action scenes of this movie were executed really well...especially the one where Chris rescued the kid from kidnapers and took out 10-12 people using Ak's and anything he could find in the surroundings.

Extraction director Sam Hargrave, being a stunt man himself designed the action sequence of this film flawlessly.

Little things were quite noticeable like Chris practising good muzzle discipline when in public, smooth reloads and using the right gun for the right situation( especially Glock 17 in close combat and Ak's/M4's in Mid range).

Screen Shot 20200531 at 1.49.18 PM.png

This one was my favourite fight sequence!

Well, Randeep Hooda did a great performance as well.

Yepp, glad to see him on Netflix.

Hmm interesting. Thanks, gonna see this later :D

Yeah, the action scenes were good but the story wasn't interesting at all.
I think that the chemistry between the kid and Hemsworth wasn't that good either. I never felt that they seemed to have a connection in any scene of the movie.

Apparently the film doesn't accurately portray the culture.

I heard that the Bangladeshi people didn't like it all and some of them even protested for not portraying the true culture of Bangladesh.

Loved the movie because of all intense action scenes and stunt sequences.

Never expected much story as basic plot was revealed in trailer itself.

And getting fresh content to watch during this prolonged (and unnecessary) lockdown is a luxury in itself.

Yepp, always love to see something different in the action genre, especially it is a Chris Hemsworth movie.

Wow nice movie

I really enjoyed watching this movie. Chris Hemsworth did an amazing job, the action and stunts were on point

I have just downloaded the movie, sorry for not reading your post (I am commenting without reading the content and only by reading the title).

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There was that long action scene where they were being chased by the other merc which was made to look like it had no cuts in it. I think that went on for about 15 minutes. It was really well done but yes, it's a pity that the story didn't really live up to the production values.

I loved this film @themarkymark

This is a great movie, lots of action and shots everywhere, ideal for those who are passionate about this genre, betrayal is never lacking in this genre and good friends who give their lives for the cause. excellent, highly recommended.

I wish you all a great week

I love action movies and this one filled my craving for me! Netflix is doing a great job of putting out some awesome flicks. Good rec!

staring Thor Chris Hemsworth

Dude will always be remembered as Thor now lol
Looking at that 5th screenshot, I can't even stop myself from imagining him suddenly lifting an arm to call Mjolnir, followed by lightning that traces his armour from the arm like he always did in Marvel movies XD