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Hi guys, hope you are all doing great and having fun in the season of love. It is all red at every turn, flowers, cakes, clothes, decorations and just can't seem to escape from it lol. Well, I do not know about you...but I feel this

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So guys, am going to be sharing with you all my movie list for the weekend.. yeah I love to see movies a lot.. well number one on the list is...



Faye a witch suffers a terrible embarrassment from the mean girls in her school, to get her revenge she summons cupid to pay them back in their own coin.

Okay, so I saw the trailer and thought to myself.."How can cupid be evil" because cupid is actually know to be like an angel of that caught my attention. The movie is said to be a thriller and horror I better brace myself to see it lol.

Movie Trailer:

The second movie on my list is...

The Bet


All is set in motion when a woman makes a bet with her husband saying she can get the next man she sees to fall in love with her.

Hahaha...this is going to be a funny one. I mean, how can she even make such bet with her husband and she must think it would be so easy for her to just get any man of her choosing lol...well let's find out...Who won the bet?

Movie Trailer:

And the third on my list is...

Playing With Fire


When three firefighters attempts to rescue three kids and also tasked to babysitting them for a while...they met with rather difficult and mischievous kids who are difficult to control.

Well this particular movie is all for the comedy, been a while I saw a movie with kids giving the grown ups a hard time...hopefully, it is going to be full of laughs. There is also John Cena and am here thinking ..."John Cena + Comdey"...let's watch and see the outcome.

Watch Trailer:

Lastly, am currently watching a Korean (Kdrama) series....would also be seeing some episodes on it too...

Tell Me What You Saw


A profiler and a detective with a photographic memory work together to solve the mysteries following series of murders and also to apprehend the serial killer.

This is the genre of series or movie I like to see, the suspense in place, piecing of puzzles together, unfolding of secrets, trying to learn how the criminal thinks and so on makes the series entertaining for me. Also, one of my favorite Korean actor is there too..Jang Hyuk...I love his dramas...😍

Watch Trailer:

Yeah, so that's my movie list for the weekend...hopefully they are worth it. I would definitely get back to you guys in the reviews on each of them.

Thanks for reading, have a lovely day!!

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Looks like you're going to be busy @bliss11 watching all the above movies. Hope they are good as the trailers. I've seen movies and series before like the profiler helping detectives.

Hope you got lots of snacks and of course, POPCORN. Have a great weekend.

Lol...yes @justclikindiva, into the 3 episode of the series now and it is quite interesting I must say. Lots of popcorn here...thanks for dropping by.😀

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Nice list of movies with a lot of variety!

'Tell me what you saw' seems like something I would like, so I might check it out. Thanks for sharing your weekend movie list! :)

Recently I saw a movie called 'Little' with two of my friends, we don't remember the last time we laughed so much, if you haven't seen it, I recommend it! :)

Enjoy your weekend!

Yes it is very thrilling. Oh and for "Little" I have seen the movie, a very entertaining one lol. Thanks for dropping by. 😀

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Some good shows up there!

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