"37 Seconds" is Such A Heartwarming Movie! (May contain some spoilers...)

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Hello there beautiful people!

I feel so overwhelmed after watching a certain movie today and I would like to share about it here.
I just finished it a few minutes ago, so I might get a bit emotional while writing this that I may write a bit of spoilers here and there. I'll try not to, though.

What is "37 Seconds" all about?


The movie revolves around a disabled mangaka named Yuma. Because of her disability, her mother is always so overprotective of her. She wasn't allowed to do things by herself because her mother thought she couldn't do it.

Despite being a great artist, there are circumstances that didn't allow her to create the kind of story that she likes until she decided to submit an entry to some ero-manga publishing house.

The head editor in that ero-manga publishing house commended her ideas and drawings, but something was lacking. It lacks the sexiness that every ero-manga should have, thus she was asked to get some sexual experiences.

At first, it was close to impossible. A lot of unfortunate and crazy things happened until she found a friend in a woman called "Mai". Mai somehow introduced her to a lot of things and made her experience the life she has only imagined until then.

Her search for sexual experiences turned into something greater: she found her true self.

Why is it called "37 Seconds"?


As you can see in the trailer above, "37 seconds" was the amount of time it took her to finally breathe. Due to the lack of oxygen from the day she was born, she got her disability. In the movie, she said more details regarding it and it's just so painful yet pleasing.

What do I think about the movie?


It was amazing and a must-see. There are a lot of things I like about the movie!

Firstly, I am in love with the main character. She is such an empowered person despite her situation. It didn't hinder her from doing the things that she likes. I want to be a person like her who would take risks and leave no regrets.

I love the twists in this story. When you start watching it, you would just think the plot is simple and that there won't be anything special about it... but actually, I really wasn't expecting the story to go this way.

I like the manga characters and the plot of her manga. Her designs and art style are so cute... ohhh... there's also an issue regarding her being mangaka at first and I somehow dislike her "friend" for it. Ugh!!!!

All in all, I enjoyed it. I'm glad I stumbled upon this movie as I was just randomly checking out stuff. I watched it in between classes, so it was a nice way to spend my break time. I'll get back to anime soon, though? However, if I get the chance to find another interesting movie, then I'll definitely share my thoughts here.

By the way, please check out my other account @harulovesanime for anime/anime movie reviews. <3


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