Armour - a very sad story

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Amour is a French movie that won the Best Foreign Language film in the 2013 Oscars award. The movie is about a couple, Georges and Anne who are in their eighties and are both retired music teachers.

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One day Anne suddenly has a stroke and she ends up confined to a wheelchair. Georges becomes her carer and she makes him promise not to send her to a care home, which of course he agrees. Shortly after, Anne suffers a second stroke. This worsens her condition even further.

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The movie is about the love between the couple and also reflects the issue that many face in modern day society. Georges and Anne have to cope with this on their own as their only daughter lives abroad. Georges employs a carer to look after Anne, but then found out that she was mistreating Anne and fires her. When the daughter returns home, she wants to send her mother to a care center which of course both Georges and Anne refuse. This is a common conflict between those who are actually suffering and those around them who want to do the best. There is no right and wrong to this.

Most of the movie is filmed inside Georges and Anne's beatiful Parisian flat. It's a bit of an irony really, because inside this beautiful flat is a very tragic story about an elderly couple who at times feels so helpless and overwhelmed with the sudden changes in their life. The burden eventually overtakes Georges, and he is forced to make a very poignant decision to resolve the situation.

This is a very sad yet moving film and on the surface its seems like a very normal story. So normal that this probably happens to many elderly couples in this world, maybe even to someone we know. And that's what makes is so real and many resonate with it. Jean-Louis Trintignant and Emmanuelle Riva plays the characters extremely well. In fact, Emmanuelle Riva was nominated for the Best Actress at the Oscars for this, the oldest actress to ever been nominated, but sadly she did not win.

If you know of any elderly couple in this situation you will see things very different once you watch this movie.

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thanks for introducing a good movie
I'd like to watch it someday..

You're welcome. Perhaps enjoy isn't the right word as it's a rather sad movie, but I hope you will like it.