Scooter Fans!

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Hey everyone, out with the old in with the new.. So I took the plunge and purchased a new scooter SYM Jet 200, ever heard of the brand? My thinking was simple this cost me R19 000 the Honda that is 9 years old now and not the most reliable breaks often and costs.. I will sell it for R16 000, basically the new one cost me R3000 not a bad deal eh?


Sym is a company based in Asia started off as Sanyang Electronics, went into motoring and now assembe Hyundai even as well as make this brand. Very nice quality at the right price indeed.


My mates often say to me shit I didn't know you rode a bike?? 'Little Bike' I exclaim :). Scooters are great, they are economical, you do not have to change gears and great in traffic as well as much cheaper to buy than a larger motorbike!


Here we have the front side of my old faithful on the right hand side and my new SYM on the left, rather simiar looking to be honest!


Wishing me many safe happy miles.. haha.

Be blessed, love and light.

Have a magical Sunday.


Nice Vehicles 😁 Congratulation 👍👍👍