Throw out your resolutions, just know your outcome and get there

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Every year people make a list of resolutions that typically last until the end of the first week in January.

Resolutions are empty promises you make to yourself and then set yourself up to fail.

You don't need resolutions.

I promise, you don't.

What you need is to know where you want to go. Some will call this, knowing your outcome. You can be wildly successful if you learn to always know your outcome in every situation.

I'll give you an example, as a busy person, it is difficult to focus when spending time with your family. Distractions like your phone and email take away your attention, and lessens your experience. Even in this situation, you have an outcome, your outcome maybe to bond with your son or daughter and spend quality time. If you remind yourself that this is your outcome, put your phone away, you will find you have a much better experience and you achieve what you ultimately are looking for.

What I challenge you to do, instead of making resolutions this year, find out what you want to accomplish overall as well in your day to day life. If you boil things down to what you want to achieve, you have a much easier job finding how to do just that.

Once you get comfortable approaching situations by clearly identifying the outcome you hope to achieve, the next step is to monitor your progress on a regular basis. Not all outcomes are immediate, if you want to lose weight you need to make regular progress and check up on how you are doing. This is the same with everything in life. Always make a habit of reviewing your progress because it is important as you may not always choose the correct outcome at first.

Things change over time, even you change. What was important to you in January, may not be in July. So not only is it important to monitor your progress, you may need to change direction. This is only possible if you keep an eye on your progress.

This all sounds great, but let's turn it into a process.

First you want to identify what you really want to achieve.

You want to make sure every day you are doing something that will help you get there. Anything, just do something.

Monitor your progress, make sure you are heading towards your outcome on a regular basis. Make sure your outcome is where you want to be, you may not get it right the first time.

Finally, be comfortable in changing your outcome if it is more inline with your desires, but don't change your outcome because it was too hard. You can almost always make some progress on any outcome, however small.

So don't make a promise to yourself you know you will break just because it is the thing to do for the new year. Identify exactly what you want, and make a plan to get there, one step at a time.

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good advice, happy new year 🚀

Agreed! I haven't made resolutions in better than 20 years because they are exactly recipes for failure.

I like to "take stock and set intentions," which is a somewhat more involved process of determining where you our, where you want to be, what precisely will have to be done to get from "here" to "there" and what the schedule will be. Sounds pretty much like what you're advocating here.

Happy New Year to you!

Sadly I think you are right with what might happen. There is so much going on and it is on all our doorsteps and not somewhere else. Earning a living is going to be hard for many as there are testing times ahead.
Have a Happy New Years and lets hope things are ok for everyone.

How about just make 2021 better than 2020... that can’t be too hard can it??

Well 2021 will be exactly like 2020, at least for a while.

This is true... or 2021 has 365 days to prove itself worse than 2020... I hope not anyway.

I am confident it will, but make take 100 or so days until we start to see it.

My kids back in school full time will be a win, plus my favorite breakfast joint,The Maple Counter, opened up so my food will be nice and hot and not in some box and Luke warm. That isn’t too much to ask... 😉

exactly this. I don't get it too why we have this discussion every year again.

Didn't the 'new year' start on Dec. 21st?
Some folks are always late to the party.

Perhaps those promises or as I call it "Dreams in the mirror" are a way of saying to ourselves: Maybe this year I won't fail as much as last year. "

But we know that things don't happen in the order we expect them and that life doesn't give a shit if we dream or have promises to keep.

If life is cruel but fair.

Then we must know where we are going and grasp the reins of our life with great force and not let it hit us without first defending ourselves.

Think less and act more.

Happy 2021 and to add a lot of positive vibes to life.

I usually focus on my focus and overall direction and things tend to work out and I see great progress. Then all I need to do is learn from mistakes and improve my skills. I set goals but I don’t take them very seriously because I’m always moving as fast and efficiently towards them anyway, even without setting them

I never really have any new years resolution. I believe it's only temporary, it's like going on a diet and then you go back you're old routine.

What works for me is that trying new things is fun but if things don't workout right, that's when I shift my focus.

Happy new year,Mark!