You Are Staying Strong - Happy new year from me to you!


It was a battle for self in the last year and the majority of the people on earth knows the feeling: I mean a different feeling of emotion but nothing can be done to it. It was a devil you cannot but notice but you are still staying strong for yourself and people around you.

Some people felt it more than the others, some lost their lives, jobs, friends and families and some are still battling with the aftermath but you know what? You are still staying strong.
Now you are in a new year and hoping for a better day and tomorrow where all the weeping, feelings, news, will be gone and not even knowing what will happen next; you are still staying strong.


image by Regina Tolgyesi

Keep pushing and enduring till all will be better for there are some who are hoping on you staying strong while others are hoping on them too. You have more responsibility to be strong than you could imagine. Trust on God for more strength (that's who is sustaining me) be active and happy. face all challenges to overcome it all and always be positive then you will know that you can easily stay strong.

I wish you all the best this year and I pray it's going to be a year of restoration.
Happy new year!

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image by jeffjacobs1990 on pixabay