Through Life's Journey

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In the journey of life, there are bound to be challenges and fierce situations that may want to discourage you from taking steps. This is why it has been said that "the best things of life are not just delivered freely on golden platter". To go past the challenges, you must confront them with the mind to overcome them. Refusing to confront life's challenges is refusing to emerge victorious.

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Having the knowledge that challenges will come will make you to be ever ready to take them as they come. It is worthy to note that more often than not, challenges or oppositions will not give you prior notice or a warning signal before they arrive. This is why we have to live ready instead of just getting ready.

If you stay too long on a particular route and you do not meet any serious opposition or any at all, then check it, you may not be on the right track. The presence of opposition is actually a pointer to the fact that you are progressing in the right direction. If you have ever played a combat video game, you will notice that the stronger the opposite, the closer you are to your target. The same thing is obtainable in reality.

In a football match, for example, the greatest opposition is not in the midfield but as you approach the 18yards box or the goal post of the opponent - this is when they will use every skill within their arsenal to prevent or discourage you from scoring a goal. This is why surviving in life is not for the lily-levered or the chicken-hearted but for the lion-hearted. You need to posses a lion heart if you should be prepared to go for the lion share.

Taking of risks is an indispensable factor in success. Refusing to take risk is almost equal to willing signing up for failure, because it is a bigger risk to refuse risks. The point you feel like not taking any risk at all could actually be the point you are supposed to take the biggest risk of yourself. Just know that for success to happen you must make it happen by your actions and not by inactions.

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@samminator what a lovely piece my brother. Life is full of challenges and only the strong can survive the battle. Nothing good comes easy. We must work hard and struggle to achieve it.