Think it, Believe it, Act it

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Most of the brilliant inventions and innovations we are seeing all around today once started as a little thought in the mind and through constant meditation, the thoughts became a driving force and as it received actions, it manifested into something tangible.

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Inside any seed is a potential to produce fruits and other seeds but for that to happen, you must put action towards it by planting and watering it. In a mustard seed, for example, though it is very tiny but it has the propensity to grow into a very big tropical tree. In the same way, the thought that drops on your mind has everything in it to emerge as something great.

However, it is worthy to note that, no natter how viable and genetically enhanced a seed is, it will not grow from the refrigerator. It is required that it must have encounter with the soil and then the law of nature comes into play. Similarly, if you refuse to act towards the thoughts you have, they will go into hibernation and they will not be useful to humanity. For you to act towards your dream or your ideas, you must first believe in both your abilities and the potency of the idea.

The idea that you do not believe in will not create the driving force you need to stir you up towards actions. As you give birth to that brilliant idea, you should also believe that it will be doable. Cos this is actually the first step towards the fulfilment of your dreams.

When the Wright brothers (Orville and Wilbur) conceived the idea of airplane, not minding the discouragements from people that said it will be impossible to create a flying machine that is heavier than air, they did not allow unbelief to set in but they moved and worked towards the idea and today, we have airplanes.

Image from Pixabay

One of the greatest enemies of success is not some villages wizards or some ugly-looking creatures somewhere but your very own self which manifests as fears, doubt and disbelief. If you will be able to get your body to cooperate with your mind towards the ideas you have conceived without any doubt in your mind, then success will be certain.

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Peace on y'all


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