How Will You Live the Next 70 Years of Your Life?

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Good Morning Steem Blockchain :)

Today I woke up on a very thoughtful note and I thought I would share with you what it is(cause technically I am still in bed as I type this).

Now that we know for a fact, without a doubt that we only have 70 years or less remaining to live, how do you intend to live? We all have choices. That's the beauty about life. Will you live;

    1. Miserable, complaining everyday
  • 2 . Jealous, with face turning green at people’s lives

  • 3 . Happy go lucky, laugh and dance when you have a chance

  • 4 . Optimistic

  • 5 . Living your life to the fullest. Joke, laugh, dance, let go of negative energy

  • 6 . Worrying about what people think of you

  • 7 . Locked up in your house waiting for the second coming

  • 8 . Live easy, have fun, be optimistic, let fate do what it does, as we have no control over fate.

Pick yours 😊

I know sometimes it can be very difficult to see the future or even start to think of the possibility of being 70 some day, but it's really not hard to get there. If anything you are already on that journey. Quite frankly most of us don't even have 50 years to go so you might as well start living your life intentionally.

Enjoy this Friday! Pray and strive to be around people that bring out the best in you. 💕


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5, but im guilty of almost all. All we can do is learn to not sweat the small stuff. It takes time. But life isnt the routine. Life is breaki g through that and doing what you want. No matter how you feel, no matter how long or not long you can last. Live because these will be the good ole days you miss! <3