Happy Mothers' Day To All Hive Moms

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Happy mothers' day to all Hive moms. I am just glad writing that here on the hive platform. This forever will be here and can be accessed from any front end of choice. Here is a mandatory selfie that I took earlier today. It's been a year already being in this kind of living arrangement I mean the lockdown. We've all been celebrating occasions in our own way following some safety protocols and mothers day is just one of those.

My mom had year first year death anniversary last March and today we celebrated mother's day at home by ourselves and visited the cemetery to light candles and bring flowers for mom.

Mom happy mothers day and we miss you. We are always praying for you. God bless you

Our dad went with us too. Thank goodness we were not apprehended or something because seniors are not allowed to go outside.

My brother sent these flowers courtesy of Kablooms flower shop.


Much love,