Too early for ABCs?

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As soon as we finished breakfast this morning I immediately got on the sewing machine to finish off the bumper covers.

Learning from yesterday's mistakes I made sure I kept Bella on her high chair and gave her a toy and a book to keep her occupied while I did my thing.

I couldn't help but notice how she spent more time playing with her book than her toy.

She's been loving her books ever since I reintroduced them to her just over a week ago. She started off flipping the book and the pages at first, now she's found the textures and has been enjoying those.


Homeschooling is something I have always wanted to do with Bella. Though I do prefer Unschooling, that is, to allow her to learn naturally based on her own interests rather than having a curriculum.

It's pretty much what we do now.

I expose her to books and music and pay attention to what she's interested in and give her more of that until she moves on to the next thing ~ like the books.

She's started dropping the books on the floor the same way she does when she drops her feeder to indicate she's done eating.

I took this as an opportunity to introduce a new book. An ABC book.

The "See, Touch and Feel ABC' book is pretty cool. It's a bigger size board book than the "That's not my...." books and the illustrations are made out of hand and foot prints which I think is quite clever.

I read the book to her once ~ it was hard going since all she wanted to do was flip the pages. I let her take control after so she can explore the book at her pace.

She ended up playing with that book for the rest of the afternoon.

I'm not sure how much information she's taking in right now but we feel like she's learning so much every day.

I might try reading the ABC book to her a few times tomorrow to gauge her interest.

Not really sure whats normal for an 8 month old. Is it too early to be teaching her ABCs?


Who's to say whether it's too soon. Every child is different and Bella seems to be loving exploring her new book.

Thanks hun :) I was thinking the same thing but was second guessing myself. ❤

Oh, how beautiful is sheeeee!!!

My babyboy is already 1 year and 1 month old! I love the Homedders community but didn't think I was ready for it because my guy was too little ? now I see this post and it's like OH, RIGHT !!!! This was beautiful to read. I don't think it's too early and she looks like having a great time ❤️

Aww thank you!! ❤❤

I'm new to the homedders community and so glad I found you all. I always thought it's never too early to start but it also depends on what the kids are into.

1 year is a great age. Bet it went quick though! 🤗

😅 hahahah I'm like a ghost in this community. I just read and enjoy! But yes, you made me realize we DO teach kids every single day, not just when they're in the school years.

And YES, everything was so fast 💛 I see him running and repeating everything we do and I can't believe he was just a tiny baby just some months ago!

Adorable! The ABC song is one that can be learned early, so go for it.

I think your presence is the greatest gift you can give to a child. We have three kids in our lives: 5, 7, and 10, and when school was cancelled this year we homeschooled them. Er essentially, it was "unschooling"—no math, or reading/writing curriculum. Instead, we offered experiences. Most days, we started with a fire in the woods, with songs and prayers. Then we let the kids direct us on where they wished to be guided: art, exercise... It turned into a "school" of body, heart, mind, soul, and spirit. Definitely aligns with our higher calling in life, so we're planning to keep the ball rolling even when the public education gets kicking.

I think it's great that you rolled with it when school got cancelled. Personally, I feel it was a blessing in disguise. Obviously it's a matter of perspective.

Instead, we offered experiences.

☝️ I love that! I also love this 👇

It turned into a "school" of body, heart, mind, soul, and spirit.

We're of like mind.

I wouldn't say I'm anti curriculum, but I definitely lean towards letting her interest guide our focus.

Are you considering keeping them homeschooled?

Thanks for your meaningful reply. Yep, we're thinking of continuing the good thing we've started, with our homeschooling routine, although we're also planning to "plug in" with the virtual school system once that gets rolling. That way, we can see if the online curriculum serves us. If not, we'll go 100% independent.

Never too early 😜 and just let things happen as they happen. All my kids were introduced to books early (J was pretty much reading to them from shortly after birth), middle child was reading by 5, boys didn’t pick it up till 8. The boys aren’t avid readers, middle child is but mostly stuff online 🙄 and definitely reads more than I do currently 😵

Also that sounds pretty normal to me 🙃

Ha! 😆 Good to know it's normal.

I tried to remember back 19 years ago and couldn't remember first girl into books like this.

Yeh we're like J, we were reading to her pretty early on. Mind you we weren't sure if it was going to make any difference but we did it anyway 😆

Reading by 5 is pretty 👌👌

Also I'm pretty sure reading blogs count as reading 😜