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I don't know how to describe how I feel when I see Bella go straight for her books first thing in the morning. I really wish I had the word for it.

It's not that she lacks toys. She absolutely doesn't. I think she just truly prefers to spend time with her books.

This morning when she finally noticed taking a video.

I told myself early on that I should just relax and not push my own interests on her. She is her own person and she will like what she likes.

Lucky she ended up liking books since she's got a few in her collection.

Here's some of our favourites.

Goodnight, Gumnuts

Written and illustrated by May Gibbs of Snugglepot & Cuddlepie fame, 'Goodnight, Gumnuts' is a beautiful and whimsical book filled with Australiana.

What we like about it.

It rhymes and we love that it's Australiana. Being surrounded by bushland the characters are literally in our backyard.

Ten Little Fingers & Ten Little Toes

Another book by an Aussie writer, 'Ten Little Fingers & Ten Little Toes.' is a book of little wonders.

What we like about it.

It rhymes ~ most books that rhyme gets extra points with us lol. We like that there's a lot of teaching points in this book and that it has such a sweet and gentle tone about it.

Guess how much I love you

Relatively new, only published in 1994 'Guess How Much I Love You' has already become a well loved, "must have" book. Naturally I had to read/see for myself and got this as Bella's First Christmas book.

What we like about it.

The beautiful watercolour illustrations and general lovable sweetness of the book makes up for the lack of rhymes.

I used to read this to Bella every night before bed time when she was about 2 months old. Might start that up again.

She's got more books in her collection and incoming so I might blog about those later on.

Do you and your kid(s) have a favourite book? What is it and why? We'd love some recommendations!


My eldest just loved books too. Every night I'd read to her and once see started talking she'd recite the books as I turned the pages. If she forgot whey came next, I'd read the first word on the page out for her and off she'd go again. Her favourites were the Meg and Mog stories. I remember her going quiet as she went through her books at the side of the couch, one day, and looked over to see her fast asleep on her pile of books.

My second only liked bedtime stories, rarely being read to in the day. She had to much else to do!

Aww that's adorable!! You know she's loves books when she's comforted enough to fall asleep on them.

That memory!! 🤯👌🤯 WOW!

I'll have to get the Meg & Mog books. I saw them online the other day so I'll defo add them to my list ❤

Bedtime stories are the best. Can't miss out on those 🥰 Bet she looked forward to them.

Beautiful post for kids and about kids.😊
I'm cross posting in the Kidz Community

Thank you!

We've got Guess How Much I Love You XD

And you've reminded me that I need to go through the books as well as the toys and figure out what's getting kept and what's going x_x

Come join us on Home Edders if you want more homeschooling/unschooling ideas and/or find more people doing the thing :)

Glad to be of service! ;)

Yep I joined the community and have been browsing posts. I suppose one of these days I'll have to use the community function properly and post in them.

Wasn't sure if you knew about it or not and only mentioned it coz you used the tags XD

I only just found you guys yesterday thanks to @minismallholding ☺️.

Beautiful post and your daughter looks very cute 😍

Thank you very much! ❤

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