We met in a tournament

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We met in a tournament

It is been two months since our last blog post. A little recap and an outlook I write at the same time under my own account [1]. Here we want to show an event, which in the meantime is already a little back, but still in happy memory:

We met each other twice in tournaments in quick succession. And that was as follows.

My son played with the lended account @sm-rules, because at that time it was much stronger than his own. (In the meantime, he is getting closer, apart from the numerous gold cards that we can use in the lended account.)

Here is the link to the tournament from 5/10/19

Tourament Bronze League, No Legendary Cards


So the surprise was big when we met in round 2. This first battle is also my favourite, because it was the one in which my son clearly triumphed.

Screenshot at 2019-07-21 22:33:18 battle detail cover.png

Battle 1: sm-rules wins. And so it looked:

Screenshot at 2019-07-21 22:32:01 turney 1 battle 1.png


Battle 2: It was no less tight, but the hand turned. We wouldn't have had a third game in this round if it had grown differently. And it looked like that:

Screenshot at 2019-07-21 22:34:22 turney 1 battle 2.png


Battle 3: I don't want to anticipate the outcome here. This game was also extraordinarily close. Without a doubt, we both had a lot of fun with the tension and the surprising result. And so it looked:

Screenshot at 2019-07-21 22:35:10 turney 1 battle 3.png


Battle 4: The winner went one round further and had another triumph in another battle against @gillianpearce. This game looked like this. Two defeats followed and the tournament was over for us. Congratulations @gillianpearce!

Screenshot at 2019-07-21 22:36:28 turney 1 battle 4 lost.png


Only three days later another tournament followed, and the surprise was no less great when we met again at the beginning.

Here is the link

Turnament Bronze League, No Legendary Summoner


Battle 1: That was very close again. That's how it looked:

Screenshot at 2019-07-21 22:37:31 turney 2 battle 1.png


Battle 2: And also this was very close, and decided only after exhaustion (fatigue). See for yourself:

Screenshot at 2019-07-21 22:39:38 turney 2 battle 2.png


Another astonishing thing happened then: The winner of this round flew out again against @gillianpearce. This time it was even faster, and if you don't choose to look for fight-URL yourself via the tournament link, I will save us here from the trouble.

We don't blog that much anymore. See also the article in footnote [1]. But we are without doubt happy about exchange and comments. So for more please come back and leave some traces.

See you soon!

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Ohh NICE NICE! I never entered to any tourneys as I am not in that position right now

True. I like that you collect some alpha cards. Level your cards for playing in tournaments. Novice is harder to win without legendaries then winning Bronze is, because you can play with leveled cards. I have a spare Alric Stormbringer lvl2 that I delegated to you. Give it a try! (I hope it doesn't need to cool down first. Yet no cool down needed for tournaments.)

Playing tournaments is frustrating at first, because a lot of experience is needed. However, this is how you gain experience, right?

One last hint: The later you register for a turney the higher the chance to be in the qualifier round. So register early and mark your calender! Many turneys are FREE to enter.

Honestly speaking, I don't understand how cards are beating each other. The card you have delegated to me can be useless for me if I couldn't able to use.

Do you have discord id? Username?

Same as here with #0085. Since you're on the Splinterlands discord already, I sent you a DM. Welcome there!

For anyone else interested, go https://discord.gg/w2Z6zVG

I'm on Telegram even more (same username so far). Come to https://t.me/splinterlands if you like to and tell @clove71 I invited you! LOL