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RE: Monomad: Lightning Storm

in #monomad3 months ago

These pictures are very amazing. I just wish I had a better device take such quality pictures as this!



You don't need a really expensive device, mine was captured on my phone. If you have a smart phone they take pretty good pictures nowadays. The thing to try is a bit of photo editing software, without that the picture wouldn't look as nice!

Oh😱yeah! I once used Lightroom before I changed my device and since then, I haven't even thought of it. Now you mentioned, I will go try it out

Lightroom is how I made this picture look as cool as it does! The original photo is pretty cool but you can't see it as good as you can with some Lightroom editing.

Ooh. Owk. By the way if I may ask, what device did you use to get the picture?

My wife and I both have iPhone 7's. Hers is the plus so it might have a better camera but mine, the 7, is where this picture came from.

I know that some of the Android cameras are possibly better than mine but overall, smart phone cameras are awesome.

Ooh. yea, you right. Well, I'll check it out. Thanks for dropping the hint