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RE: Monomad - Do you know the meaning?

in #monomadlast year

Sure do...Don't wear any though. 😂


Lol What are you wearing then? :)

Well, nothing that fits the description of Haute Couture as below...Leading fashion houses isn't my style. I wear a lot of 5.11 gear.

Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 9.12.30 pm.png

I am not sure what 5.11 gear is, but if i wore athleisure i would be proud of myself, now i only wear "ath" part of that word lol

5.11 is tactical gear.

Oh, tactical is good. Utility in clothing not some couture lol
Does survival edge find a place in your wardrobe too? :)

Actually I do have a couple items from SE gear. Mainly 5.11 though. Pretty much all I wear when not at work.