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RE: Monomad: Lightning Storm

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LOL shit thanks I wasn’t thinking about Zeus. I guess I was too focused on the image of Thor in the action movies where he would summon lightning. I’m going to change that right now hahaha. Keep me honest!

You’re welcome in the other post. I am sad that people try to take advantage of us but we have to be alert. I had voted and supported a few people I thought were from Nigeria but turns out they were all scammers. What a shame!

Have an excellent start to your week!

PS you are the first comment I’ve ever upvoted, I normally don’t because I save my voting power for posts not comments but I had to give you some support for that one lol thanks!


I always feel good leaving you a good commentary, because the publication is what inspires the commentary. And yours is quality...
As I always say, thanks for the constant support, it's always good to make sincere friends on the platform.
This week was not very good for me but another one is coming and I hope it will be better, I wish the same to you, my friend.
"Lo mejor"
PD: gracias por el voto🚀