Monochrome Forests

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Trees in Pennsylvania and New Jersey turned into photo art.

Winter woods, photographed facing up, in black and white, often turn out spooky looking. Not all of these photos are true monochrome, but I edited them all to look unique; like old color film. I think I'm going to post more photo art here on Hive. Many photos look better when they're edited creatively.

I totally have cabin fever. I haven't actually been out to take any new photos for a few weeks. There's been slippery snow on the ground, and I just can't do cold weather. I'm hopefully going down to Florida by the end of the week. I just know there's a lot to photograph down there. I've only ever been to Florida once. When I was like 11, I vacationed with my family in Orlando. I only remember Disney World and Sea World. This time I'm going to explore the entire state. I want at least an acre of land down there and build a permanent hidden campsite and tropical garden. All the lots I like keep getting sold before I can get down there to inspect them. I know I'll find a good one that I can afford within an hour or so of the East Coast beaches. There's lots of cheap dirt road lots for sale in Highlands and Putnam Counties.

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