Suvarnabhumi International Airport , Bangkok , Thailand - Part-2.

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Last week i was boarding a flight from Suvarnabhumi International Airport and i showed you around the huge check-in sections which looked like space galaxy hangers where you could image Alien space ships landing well today i want to walk you through the galaxy tunnels leading to the boarding areas honestly walking through this section of this huge Suvarnabhumi International Airport is like walking through the Star-Wars Spaceship not knowing were it is going to lead you.





I love the concept of these leading lines to nowhere it makes this airport look like a landing dock of future planes like that Jetsons cartoon show.This airport been Suvarnabhumi International Airport was opened in 2006 and would normally have a traffic flow of about 58 million passengers coming through every year that's over a million passengers per/month that's a huge amount of people but today was not the case with the on going pandemic and restrictions of international border closures there were only a handful of passengers to be seen.





The terminal building was designed by German born Mr Helmut Jahn of Murphy / Jahn Architects and took 11 years to complete this airport and it was named Suvarnabhumi Airport by HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej which means “The Golden Land”.




This is the walkway tunnel leading to the entrance door of the plane that is some unique design of leading lines it looks like a scene from the Star-Wars movies.


This is the air-conditioning units they have around the airport a real head spinner to look 🤓




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Suvarnabhumi International Airport is one of my favourite airports because of its structure and from an architectural perspective. It's truss structure and the shell-shaped roof is really fascinating...

Thank you @priyanarc indeed it is one of my favorite airports also it certainly is one of a kind 👍

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Thank you @priyanarc and @diyhub much appreciated 👍

First time I arrived in Bangkok and entered this airport, I realized I was from a third-world country. People in Kentucky still don't believe me when I tell them Thailand is much more developed than Kentucky.

I know exactly how you felt i was the same way and no one would believe me either , it's us living in a third-world country not 😆

I never go to Thailand airport before but I do go to Thailand with my mom and my aunts.

Maybe one day you can see the inside of Thailand airport ☺️

Wow - I agree... Spaceship landing strip! 😃 Or time travel tunnel

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I Hope I will read more your posts here :))