A semi-forced mini break Plus MonkeyBoy Weekend

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Hello Buzzy Bees!

It's been a few days since my last post besides my Actireports!

Last Thursday seemed to be a nice start, with some coffee kicking was happily creating content for the day and motivated to make another one in advance, when suddenly the internet died!

Even trying to do the old turn off and back on like the normal solution, change cables and all, neither worked! So had to call the company to come, and they scheduled for the next day afternoon.

I was like, "welp...bye-bye @hivefest!"

I was more worried if they couldn't fix it before the weekend, that would be fun...not!

Fortunately, they even came earlier, turned out to be a burned power cable and I managed to show up at the start of the HiveFest!


Which for me is still buggy but I was there!! lol

I also had a good amount of data during my "downtime" so I could always be around or connect to my pc but didn't want to spend it all in a few hours lol

Had enough to at least engage through comments and curate. I even started to lend a hand to @flaxz by being the moderator of CTPTalk for @thisisawesome during the weekend!

Which got a slow start...still on Thursday...for the first time in my motherhood, David said in real words: "Mommy my belly hurts!"

Welp, silly me failed right away by panicking for a minute instead of be calm to comfort him..ugh..

Luckly I composed myself and figured that was "just" colics, and tried to massage him. That failed too...when he was little was easier to calm him with massages. This time I had to go for medicine. Fortunately it's been rare so far to use it so the old ben-u-ron is more than enough.

Watched Thursday Night Live in bed while cuddling and, of course and probably, fell asleep in the middle of the show LOL

Anyway...it's David's Birthday today!!!


It was a blast! Tomorrow another party at my inlaws! And then kindergarten on Monday!


So yeah...kind of a little forced break from posting..some catching up in the middle...Have one ready to post but I'll leave it for next week!

It is good to have a break any now and then, as long as you come back in full force :)

Happy Saturday!

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I glad you got that fix. Were always trying to fix like you did before 😅
What s nice evening to relax or day with your son

It has been one heck of a week @elianaicgomes, but it's great that all issues got resolved, and a very big belated Happy Birthday to David, and wishing him many happy returns, thanks for sharing, it's awesome.

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Thank you Mister Awesome! Hope I did a good job moderating this weekend!
All the best for tomorrow and enjoy your deserved rest after :)

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yeah I know...unfortunately all recent versions from the desktop install was buggy to me..all blank and don't know why.
I tried one more time now since it's another version and seems working now though no notifications to this post..
I'll wait!
Thank you for your constant hard work!

Notifications should be working, are you still experiencing issue with notifications?

It's working now thank you 😁