Sound and Imaging Company for the US Market Uptrend

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This company owns innovative technology in sound and imaging leading the way for over 50 years.

Ray Dolby started Dolby Laboratories (DLB) in 1965 to develop noise-reduction technology. He wanted to reduce the hissing sound on vinyl records and tape recordings. He continued to innovate developing surround-sound compression and video processing. Dolby is used in Blu-ray and DVDs, satellite-radio shows, TV broadcasts and gaming consoles.

Dolby is investing heavily (20% of sales) in new products that will help drive future growth which has paid off with annual sales over $1 billion. The company continues to innovate which will lead to significant growth over the next decade. Annual revenue should easily break the $2 billion mark over the next 5 years.


Dolby is a groundbreaking tech company with big growth potential shares look cheap under $75.

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