We have received a 2.000 Euros donation from Taras

in #money2 months ago

We have received a 2.000 Euros donation from Taras. With this message:

"Thank you for your amazing work. Don't give up!"

Ok. So. Taras, I do not know who you are, but I am sure you may see this message. I just woke up, took a nap to be more fresh later in the night to work on TROM II editing. Last night I was talking to Sasha about our financial situation and we were so sad trying to find ways for us to continue our projects. We were calculating that we have enough to pay for food for the next 3 months and luckily my family is hosting us in their house and we didn't have to pay for anything else. So it was a very sad and emotionally intense night and I felt like I have no answers. I wanted these days to try and look for some online jobs that I can do in parallel with TROM II.

So I woke up 30 minutes ago and I saw an email with the donation and I thought I was dreaming. I had to check and recheck 5 times to make sure.

Taras you saved my ass and you allow me to now fully focus on TROM II and all of our TROM projects for the next months without stressing that much about money. I also have another "secret" project for which we recorded before we had to leave from the apartment, so I hope to release that too.

I am amazed at such acts of kindness and they for sure fuel me to keep on working on these projects. I surely want that. If I had the minimum necessities met, so enough financial support for that, I could keep on doing these forever and never get demotivated or bored to the point of giving up. I did it so far, I can keep on doing it if I have enough financial support.

With that being said, I can now focus a lot better on TROM II and the rest of the projects. I never gave up, is just that I was very stressed and was difficult for me to properly do my work to the point of not know how to go further.....

Taras I cannot thank you enough.