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RE: The Debt Wish

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This is why I'm still not fully convinced on getting my own flat but in the end, I have to have my own space for my music studio and man cave 😁 sometimes the financial cost is outweighed by the emotional cost - as long as you are good with money, like not spending more than what you get, then you can kinda spend it how you want and live within your means... A skill that not many have the discipline to learn I feel

But I will always keep steem/crypto money in reserve as that is always going up and compounding. In fact, stocked up on another 1,000 SP yesterday so #road2orca is still very much on!


Well I wouldn’t expect anyone to live like a caveman unless they wanted to! Over the last few years I’ve been constantly trying to limit spending and be as lean as possible and I have to say the capital I’ve moved to investing has compounded nicely so I’m motivated to keep going!

I like to have a safety net in case this country goes full tits up and I need to get out lol

I honestly don’t know how anyone affords to rent or buy a property in The UK! Those prices are madness! I think I’ll stick to being poor in a warm country lol at least if I’m out on my ass I can go to the beach