MAPXV Weekly Profit Statement & News - 29 September 2019 [MAP Steem FinTech]

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Welcome to our weekly account statement.

Another week of consolidating our account so that more funds are allocated to SP. Indeed, both our ABV and VVS have increased.

Despite the difficult conditions, we have increased our SP by over 500 STEEM, with a modest drop in Steem Engine holdings. We shall continue this, even though the delegation-miners are giving MAPXV excellent upvotes, as we do wish to eventually reach the point where we are fully loaded with our own SP and the mining can stop - as happened with MAPX.

All our metrics have improved this week, with our asset backed value (ABV) slightly up at 1.19 STEEM, and our VVS is rising again to 34 - this means upvotes are 34 times what one would expect with one's own SP. The VVT, which adjusts for the price of MAPXV tokens, is still an astonishing 18.9 - if our tokens were fairly priced, this would come down to about unity.

There have been signs of renewed sales but, from chatroom discussions, it seems as if many are wary in case we may be caught up within the negativity surrounding vote buying, in all its forms. I can reassure members that, at the same time, we are seeing an increase in voting trails and other voting collectives. So the idea of improving one's earnings on Steem is not really at issue - everyone should be doing so - what is at issue is magnifying one's earnings with liquid STEEM.

In essence, all vote buying services are a transfer of liquid assets, STEEM or SBD, in exchange for votes of the same magnitude. Such votes would be impossible for such users to generate from SP alone. However, what MAPXV does is completely different: it uses a member's investment as a collective SP so that it is able to generate upvotes that are higher than can be achieved alone, but still within the parameters of the Steem blockchain.

Sure, at the moment, our upvotes are inflated by miners, but eventually our steady-state votes are about 8 times what the SP can generate but, and this is important, the price of the MAPXV tokens should reflect this so that members are still getting a great deal, but not orders of magnitude higher than by vote buying.

The aim of MAPXV has always been to give its members a very useful edge, but it has always been within the mathematics of what is possible within the Steem rules and parameters. As I said, I am starting to see more collective voting accounts but, as far as I'm aware, none have been set up like MAPXV, or MAXUV. The importance of MAXUV will emerge as we gain more members and tokens become scarce - then the open-ended MAXUV will, hopefully, become more popular.

We shall, as always, continue to monitor developments.

Any questions, please ask in the comments below, or you may ask in our new public Discord room.

Have a good weekend!

The headline figures are:

MAPXV tokens active = 6520
SP in @MAPXV = 5630
Mining SP = 27,100
Other STEEM = 2375
Total STEEM = 7975
Total Income = 171.00
Fee = 17.10
Total STEEM carried down = 7958

MAPXV VV/Token = 18.9

Note that "Other STEEM" is the sum of all holdings not powered up as SP: liquid STEEM and SBD plus holdings within Steem Engine to maintain market liquidity plus some investments; we also now have stakes in MAPR, MAPX, PAL and LEO, and some others, and receive rewards from them. Also note that values are volatile, especially any holdings priced in US$, so the above numbers are a snapshot and may have changed when you look at the @MAPXV account.

Income includes rewards and token trading profits but excludes token sales.

The Asset Backed Value (ABV) is our total holdings calculated in STEEM divided by the number of active MAPXV tokens, whether staked or unstaked. Given that MAPXV token holders are getting 8 times the equivalent daily upvotes per STEEM, and adjusting for a variable VP, I shall leave it to the investor to calculate a market price for MAPXV tokens.

If VVS > 8.0, then MAPXV stake-holders are getting upvotes of greater value than the par 0.2% twice per day per token.

If VVT > 1.0, then MAPX tokens are under-priced on the market and good value to buy.

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