Free New ONECENT Tokens to MAPX Stakeholders and Miners

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Today's main announcement is the launch of the ONECENT Strategic Token Investment Game.

The launch post is HERE and the ONECENT token market HERE.

As a special gift to existing MAPX stakeholders and miners, we are giving them 5 Free ONECENT tokens each!

ADDED: This means only MAPX stakeholders before this post was published are eligible.

Each stakeholder shall receive a comment with their daily upvote and must come to this post and leave a comment below to claim their free ONECENT tokens.

Those MAPX token holders who have not staked their tokens shall receive 2 Free ONECENT tokens each, but they too must leave a comment below. As they do not receive upvotes and comments, it is their responsibility to make a claim.

It is, after all a "paying attention" economy.

This special offer expires when this post expires.

Although too late to buy and stake MAPX tokens now, there may be further offers in the future.

Thanks to all MAPX members.

- - - - - -
Please Comment, Resteem and Upvote. Thanks!

@rycharde manages the MAP Rewarder high income program and MAPX Token.


So..I'm leaving a comment. Even I don't really understand yet, what it's all about :)

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Hehe yeah, I'm in the same boat as you.

The free tokens are only for those who were already staking MAPX token before this post was written.
It says nowhere that anybody can claim free ONECENT tokens after staking just 1 MAPX.

"Although too late to buy and stake MAPX tokens now, there may be further offers in the future."

I have now edited the post too - hopefully it is crystal clear now.

Sweet! Interesting strategic game. Looking forward to playing!

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A good day today - your mining is paying off and sent you 6 ONECENT tokens; extra one for being both stakeholder and miner.

Did someone say free tokens?

I'm down with that! \m/

Thanks @map10k

Surely the word is "up"! ;-)
Tokens sent! Enjoy the show.



Got one of this tokens, but...can not see STAKE button on steem-engine. Don't see a reason why.
I feel quite confused

I see, you have one ONECENT. There is no staking, no delegating and no mining - just trade for profits or hold nearer the end for the accumulated rewards.

"Staking" was created to emulate Steem's Powering-up feature. Not needed for the ONECENT game.

The game account @onecent will publish posts most days with updates and info on strategies.

Ok, thanks for info. Im so happy i made no mistake, and got just one token.

Here is my comment. I will read more about the new token itself. Thanks

Thanks, tokens sent now!

just keeping life interesting eh @rycharde

I try ;-) I knew there was a way to turn a DEX into a game!

I guess you're here for the ONECENTs... on their way...

Sorry, I was late to realize you made a token for MAP. I just bought 10 MAPX token and staked them and bought 100 ONECENT tokens to support your projects. All the best to your initiatives! I will spread the word. Have a good one!

Thanks! But now you give me a dilemma.... what shall I do?.....
I know, have a freebie MAPX token - still have some in my pocket that nobody wanted a month ago. (about the same value as the 5 ONECENTs)

Is that fair? And thanks a lot for your support.

Hahaha! Ifeel you, I am not sure if this is your first time to have a token but I am a noob token owner and I tell you there's just so many things that come up. The token distribution alone is a whole lot of challenges. I'd take it as fair whatever you decide, it is your token. I will help with spreading the word about it. Marketing and getting visibility here is a challenge. Days ago, a Steemian made a poll in dpoll about Plankton Token (a token I founded) and people were like, "We are neutral about it coz we never heard about this token." LOL It's a challenge to get the whole Steemit to see what we are up to, we can try boosting and spending 300-400 Steems to get us to Trending but that's too much Steem to burn for a budding project. I'll be sure to follow. Thanks!

Don't worry, the ONECENT game is not over - there are rumblings that will unblock what appears to be blocked ;-)

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Another new token listed, time too few to get to know it!

True, but you would like them, right?

Hello, I'm staked, I got the daily upvote few minutes ago, but didn't get the comment,..

Yeah, may get the comment in the next post! I'll send you the tokens now...



Can i claim my tokens
Also put in order for 1000
Dont really understand the game but i like to gamble lol and i love tokens

Great, but you best buy them on Steem Engine as prices can vary quickly and ONECENT tokens are managed by a different account. Good luck! Honestly, will be worth it for early buyers plus I'll slowly make some posts about the game.

Let me send you your free tokens now...


This is cool, so we get access to these just for having staked tokens? Never say no to free!

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Done! :-)

Thanks for the free tokens.

Great, ONECENT tokens sent!

I don't know if the only two mapx tokens i hold even qualify for the free onecent token. let's see if i get myself one.

They sure do - sent you some ONECENTs!

Sounds pretty awesome!

Is that a YES?


It's a yes lol.
Great thanks!

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Yay! Free tokens! hehehe Thanks in advance!

You're welcome. Sent! Enjoy the game.

I have already bought a few tokens 4-5 hours back. This seems even more interesting. Good luck.

Wish you a lovely day.

Thanks and good luck with ONECENT. Sent you some free tokens.

Received & Thanks.

Looks interesting. Bought some. Let's see!

A comment.

Tokens sent.

This is a comment. 5 ONECENT tokens pls.

Tokens sent. Thanks!


Well this is just pretty darn cool! Thank you for the upvote on my post, as well as the continuing support. Got my notification, and here I am for the tokens please!

Thanks again!


Token sent! good luck!

ONECENT is pretty awesome! Hoping to make something but I love the idea. Here because of needing to leave a comment as a MAPX token holder.

Great, Done!
Was worth changing your mind re the MAPX tokens eh! I hadn't even invented the game then!

Ooo, so many tokens coming about, and this is another worthwhile one. Coming from the comment on my latest post.

Thanks, ONECENTS sent! Enjoy.

Any game that gives away free tokens for paying attention is all right in my book!

:-) thank you - tokens sent! Glad you picked up on that phrase.

Awesome. Will pay attention to this more.

More to come ;-) tokens sent!

Bring on the tokens LOL. But to tell you the truth, there is a lot of tokens going around right now and it is a bit hard to keep track of them :)

Yes, I know, it will some day settle down either through attrition or amalgamation... but not today.
oh yeah, tokens sent.

 last year 

here be my comment and i shall trade cookies in kind. and maybe some flowers...


Thanks for adorning the page - not much colour when money matters ;-)
Tokens sent - enjoy the game!

Leaving a comment in notification of my staking of MAPX tokens. Thanks

Sorry, think I replied elsewhere... maybe not!
Thanks for staking MAPX and your upvotes have now been set up, but the free ONECENTs are for existing MAPX stakeholders before the post, else the game could suddenly be swamped with thousands of new users with freebies! That could be part of the game, just one I hadn't factored in. Sorry.

Hi @map10k, thanks for all your hard work. My 500 MAPX is now staked, and thanks for the free tokens. Additionally, I'm curious where these tokens are coming from? Did the map10k account buy them?

Thank you for staking MAPX tokens; your upvotes have been enabled.
Welcome to MAPX!
But the free ONECENT tokens are only for existing MAPX holders when this post was written. Otherwise it would completely change the game if thousands of tokens were added at this stage.

These free tokens come from the amount given to the game management account as stated in the launch doc. It was always planned that about half would go to existing supporters.

Thanks for your participation in ONECENT.

Thanks for free Token

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Thanks, tokens sent! Enjoy the game.

Thank You @map10k

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ONECENT tokens sent!

Thank you @map10k

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Hi @honoru, noticed you undelegated to MAPX with only 2 days leftbefore your token was due. However, I changed the token to 2 decimalplaces some days ago, so have sent you pro-rata 0.9 MAPX for the days delegated.
Thanks again for your support.

Thank you.
I am redelegate on it. : )

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Thank you :-) Every delegation-miner gets the same % returns, but as you've seen 100 SP takes 20 days to produce a token. What I can do, as this isn't automated (and probably won't be as is a limited fund) is send 0.5 tokens every 10 days. Will that make it better?

If you do lose track of how many days to go and do wish to undelegate, just send me a message and I'll check.

woops! Am I too late to the game?

Not at all; this expires when the post does. Enjoy your ONECENT tokens.

Thank you

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Thank you for staking MAPX tokens; your upvotes have been enabled.
Welcome to MAPX!

Congratulations @map10k!
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Thanks very much - I was stuck in motorway traffic when most of this happened!

This is awesome !!

Thanks, will see how many of these tokens are actually going to be claimed; many just either don't read comments or assume it is some generic "you got an upvote" thing/ Anyway, I shall probably do something similar for MAPR delegators soon.

 last year 

I'll leave a comment... and go buy some more onecent...

Tokens sent, sorry for the delay!

Thanks for the free tokens !

Thanks for the free tokens.

Tokens sent now!

Claiming my 5 one cent tokens please

Tokens sent! apologies for the delay - enjoy the game.

So what are ONECENT tokens used for and I assume they are worth one cent?

They were worth 1 cent at the start. It's a game with an investment on the side so as to move the average price. Sent you the tokens; now you can play!

Cool. So how do you play. Is there a post I missed explaining this?

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Yeah, a couple of posts - just look at @onecent account :-)
Good luck!


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I got comment from Map10k account regarding the tokens.
Please let me know if further action is required.

ONECENT tokens sent!

Thanks for the tokens

Tokens sent, please read how the token game works at @onecent. Enjoy!

Thank you 😀👍

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I want the oncecent token please @map10k

Done! ONECENT tokens sent. Enjoy the game.

I love making comments that make me money

Tokens sent! Enjoy them!

#MAPX to the moon!

I guess that;s a "yes, thanks!" :-)
ONECENT tokens sent!

I thank you for adding to my virtual coin collection. I will drop on over to those two links above and try to learn a little bit about the ONEcent token

ONECENTs now added to your collection.
Yes, please read as these are active game tokens and the game will have a closing date. However, everyone has their own strategy of whether to hold till the end or get some quick profits or... understand the game dynamics and possibly buy and sell some more.

Thanks, read the post, can't say I fully understood the game. but will hold for a bit, maybe buy some more, maybe not.

Still need to read about ONECENT, but since I feel like a token-collector already, I couldn't miss out on this one :0)

Thanks for your interest, but you don't hold any MAPX tokens.

I always appreciate free tokens! :D

Tokens sent! Enjoy the game!

That's pretty cool, I just realized it's similar to what I'm doing but you were first. I look forward to seeing where it goes.

Are you ref to MAPX or ONECENT?
I'll have a look.

I am just watching my SE wallet and always caught an airdrop and thanks to those tokens that landed on my wallet, I'm staking to some and tried to trade a couple.
btw, thank you.