Helix token is crushing it!

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Today I checked in on my new favorite token Helix, and was super pumped to see it crushing it!!!

About 18 days ago I wrote a nifty little tutorial on how to set up a Helix master node. (Its still relevant today and you can read it (HERE).

Then a short two days later I wrote an article about the growth of seeing on the coin then (Read it HERE ).

At that time as excited to see the price moved to a whopping $0.01 a token... to be honest, I thought it would hover around the price for a long time, or lease until a big reveal comes out...

However today I checked and the price moved up to $0.016 a token!!! WOOOOOOOOOooooooooo, almost x2 the initial buy-in. Woot Woot! Again I am pleasantly surprised at the steady growth.

Please be mindful, I'm not a financial advisor... but I see great things for this token and I would still think the at this price, buying into Helix is a steal of a deal. I can totally see them getting to a dollar by this time next year.

06/01/2020 : $0.01
06/17/2020 : $0.016 Difference of $0.006 or + 0.000375 a day
365 days * 0.000375 a day and this is a value of $0.136875 in a year.

Even if not a dollar perhaps at the minimum rise assuming a steady growth...

10,000 tokens today at $0.016 = about $160 USD
10,000 tokens in a year at $0.136875 = about $1,368.75 USD

I'll be the first to admit that my math might be wrong in all those calculations above... but either way, I see steady growth this token.

Also considering the small market cap, a sizable buy-in, and that needles can up quickly.

Anyways, I want to share my excitement. Perhaps you want to jump in on the game as well as this is a golden opportunity at this value! (*or again, at least I feel so)

Okay, be successful today my friends!!

Here is their webpage : https://helix-crypto.com/
You can get Helix tokens from :


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