Crypto Links to get you Earning ($90 USD Estimated)

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Crypto Links to get you Earning

Hello, Freinds.

Here are links to crypto-related links for you to earn and learn in Crypto. These are the link I send to people who ask me to help get them into the Crypto Space. Then I sit with them and teach.

These links are also all affiliate links (*I may get a commission or a benefit from you using them) However, it costs you nothing and helps me produce content.

Buying and Learning:

  • Here are links to the places I recommend buying or selecting crypto on.

Buy or trade 100$ get 10$ in BTC

Earn Rewards (Learn by Coin base)

  • You need a coinbase account to use this
  • Watch videos, answer questions, and earn tokens. It's easy and fun.
  • You need to add your name to a waiting list, then they will contact you when they have more coins to give.

XLM: earn $10

EOS: earn $10

OXT: earn $10

LocalBitcoins (Buying BTC in person or selling) : $50 in MCO for staking 50 MCO for 1 month

  • Also free credit card buying of crypto.
  • I recommend this for a good on and off-ramp into more traditional currency.
  • Currently offering 16% p.a on a 3-month stake of CRO Stokes.


Trading with no K.Y.C (Know Your Customer: Requirments (No ID needed to join))

Social DApp.

I hope you know about this one... LOL

Make an account:

Learn About Hive


Earn Crypto (BAT token) while browsing the web!

  • Do you have any links you recommend I add?


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