Crypto app : Stake 50 MCO and get $50 in MCO for free! (Read on and lean how and why and WOOT!)

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Crypto app : Stake 50 MCO and get $50 in MCO for free! (Read on and lean how and why and WOOT!)

For some reason, the idea of free money always gets me excited. But also what gets me more excited is on ramps and off ramps for cryptocurrency.

Today I like to spend a minute and talk about the app.
Please don't think this is some shill, and I am trying to rickroll you into doing something. No, This is an excellent service you need to be using.

FIRST: The free money info. : $50 in MCO for staking 50 MCO for 1 month

  • My affiliate link:
  • You don't need to use my affiliate link, but if you don't, you don't get $50... so IDK why you would not want to use it... But the option is yours.

Free Money information past now lets dive into why this is exciting!

First and foremost, and at least for now, you can buy BTC and more with no fees!! WOOT x 100! Nothing kisses me off more than paying exorbitant prices to buy another form of currency.

Deposit Crypto in App0.00%
Exchange Crypto to Crypto0.00%
Transfer Crypto to Wallet0.00%
Transfer Crypto to External AddressVaries per Crypto (more details in App)

7 fiat and 55 cryptocurrencies

To quote their webpage:

QuoteBuy and sell 7 fiat and 55 cryptocurrencies. Access, manage and spend your funds with the MCO Visa Card anytime.

The way this works is simple, when you want to use your crypto credit card anywhere Visa is accepted, sell the crypto into a FIAT wallet on your account, and then you are good to go! Takes less then the time it tasks you to find your Favorite soda pop in the shop.

Staking and Returns

TimeSupported CoinsSupported StablecoinsCRO
3-monthup tp 6% p.a10% p.a16% p.a
1-monthup tp 4% p.a8% p.a14% p.a
Flexibleup tp 2% p.a6% p.a12% p.a

This means you could state your ETH or ENJ or BTC and start to earn an interest rate return on it. BAM, that is like free money! Or, stake a bunch of CRO and start to see a nice return while maintaining your holdings.

Here are the coins you can stake at this time:


I have more reasons that I like this particular service but I'll stop here.

To Get Started

  1. Go sign up for the app using my affiliate link for the free $50 in MCO
  2. You can buy or Transfer 50 MCO tokens to your wallet (Costs about $250 ish to buy with the current token price)
  3. Go to the "Earn" Tab and say you want to Stake 50 MCO for 1, 2, or 3 months. (*I recommend the 3).
  4. Accept the terms and then you are locked in.
  5. You can then send other tokens to stake and earn the passive interest on. : $50 in MCO for staking 50 MCO for 1 month

My affiliate link:


  • If you have any questions or thoughts about this please post below.


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