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This is my short story at a supermarket near home.
I was looking for organic strawberries.
That day they were out of them so I picked up the white strawberries and regular strawberries.
I saw the name stated pineberry.
They look exactly the same from a distance

I clean them before taking a bite.
To my palate the taste is way different.
Pineberry is not sweet or sour.
Maybe the one I bite.
Strawberry not sweet but sour.
Comparing the taste is two fruits
With different varieties.

I read about it and the name pineapple
Comes to effect. I recalled pineapple is sweet.
I am pretty sure if I try another one I may detect the flavor.
I had never seen one before.
Wonder was it a salvage or not sure if people will like it?
Glad they put it on the market for everyone to try.
I did

Next time you go around the produce area give it a try if you like strawberries you may enjoy pineberry

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