Solos Weekly Picks: Portraits

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Making art and doing photography of faces is something I have not done a lot of. But I appreciate others content in the subject and really impressed with the how unique these photos are. The light being cast on the face, along with where it was captured can really change the outcome of the photo. Its something that really captures a unique scene as they are always a little different depending on where you are while taking the picture.

I did some portrait photography with @activate.alpha using my infrared and ultraviolet filters. I should probably do some more.

Link to the post I did awhile back with her.

Here are five minnows posts of portraits.


I really like the extra effect of the petal in between her lips. With the flowers in the picture it really makes for a very photo. A second photo is in the post as well of someone peering through some shrubs. Two photos but two very different portraits.

First Photos with my new EOS 2000D by @sketch17

With a new camera in hand, Eli has a picture taken her in the car. It was stormy with heavy rain and I can see in the picture the rain drops on the windows. The way the lighting was done in the photo really caught my eye and I enjoyed looking through the post. Curious what the logo on the side of her mask means.

Tori in the afternoon by @nebimage

Doing photography outside gives a variety of light to work with. Depending on the time of day, clouds and time of year can really change the light. In this picture they were walking back from eating pizza and the light coming from the afternoon sun cast a warm light on her. Made for a nice photo in the moment.

Freezing Motion by @soulsdetour

While at a workshop called "Movement" a dancer posed for some photos. I really enjoyed the movement captured in the pictures and gave them energy in the scenes taken by the photographer.

Kwame nkrumah concrete portrait by @tomideakinshola

We see the process of a bust being made. Using clay it was cast and set. Then much detail was crafted into the face to give it more depth. By the end of adding details it was painted by using a color that represented the region.

Thats my curation of five minnows on the Hive Blockchain for the week. Stay tuned next week to see the next five of Solo's picks.

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