Solos Weekly Picks: Cats and a dog

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Cats and the internet, the perfect combination. As cameras have gotten better over the years, great detail has been captured in their pets. Many Hive users have pets, some dogs, some birds, some reptiles or fish. But most have cats, we get to see five Hive minnows cats and a dog in this weeks curation post.

Here are the minnows with their pets I found:

life has been busy & I'm back. Anyways: here are some cat pictures! by @tibfox

We get some updates on life, busy with coding, gardening and a road trip through France @tibfox has been quite busy in the last few weeks and months. We got to see some pictures of their cats that is 11 years old, and 7 years old. They both live together at a friends apartment with around 20 guinea pigs, 2 dogs, a few fishes & shrimps. Moving into a new home they have been shy and they hide under the bed or behind the couch. Hopefully with time they will warm up to the new home with all the other critter friends for them to play with or enjoy watching.

My Favourite Furries by @wwwiebe

We get to see five furry friends in @wwwiebe's post. A mix of mostly cats and a dog. A little bit is written about them and their personality. Looks like a very busy house with four cats and a dog. Lots of pictures in this post, and very detailed.

2 Wheel Caturday... =^,,^= by @krazzytrukker

Sammi Jo the cat hangs out on a motorcycle. Looks like a Siamese. Its looking through the windscreen and seems okay being up on that big bike. @krazzytrukker also shows off a custom painted helmet with a white tiger on it. Looks like there has been fun rides, along with some scary ones too in the snow. I used to ride a 650cc bike and I never got the balls to ride it in the rain, let alone snow.

FUZZY FACTOR by @manorvillemike

I have been following this minnow on Hive for many years, and always has great cat content. With many cats in the house they are always laying together and @manorvillemike gets some great captures of them. Some cats are harder to photograph than others, in this case Gerry was being illusive. Haha I know the feeling, seems like they know when they are having pictures taken of them and sometimes do all they can to stop it.

Our Cat Playing With A Dead Mouse by @markkujantunen

Sometimes cats bring us gifts, not things that we want but they think that we want. Well @markkujantunen's cat brought back a dead mouse. After the human did not seem to want to play with it, I guess the cat took up the effort to play with it themselves. I made sure to take a screen capture that does not show the dead mouse, but if those things bother you then dont watch the video. I personally enjoyed it, seeing how much the cat likes the dead mouse I am glad it had a good time with it.

Thats my curation of five minnows on the Hive Blockchain for the week. Stay tuned next week to see the next five of Solo's picks.

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If only I can get a Kitty cat of my own but we only have a little property and owning one is another work for my parents because of the litter and also the flying fur that cats leaves behind @solominer :D

Yeah they are alot of work. So someone would need to care for it. But hope your strong enough to handle the care yourself one day so you can have one.

Holy cow, how did Fuzzy Factor get picked...?? @solominer must have ran out of talent to post or something.. Thanks big guy... Gerry gets extra kibble for this 😺😊

Haha it was more about how you wrote about the post. Yeah the pictures were blurry but you explained it well..

Great bunch of Cat-Peeps Postings here Solo. Thanks for the Love. Purrs & Hedbonks to You from our Kitty Pride.!

Haha glad to share your post.. sure are.. a bunch of great cat posts.