Solos Weekly Picks: Autumn

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I see alot of leaves turning colors this time of year, along with many of them falling off the trees. The weather is also cooling down making it more enjoyable to work outside. Though this will not last long, just like the mild weather in the spring time. It will soon get cold, and this is usually the start. Though the colors of the trees and other plants really do look amazing as they change their colors.

Lawn Ornament Shadow by @redheadpei
A post in the Shadow Hunters community, the light cast through a sun sculpture gives the rock behind it a shadow of a sun. A few other plants had long shadows as well. Fall is coming along quite nicely in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Riverbend Park in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho by @scribblingramma

Going on a walk through a community that has a lake and some sculptures is a nice way to enjoy autumn. Many of the trees were changing colors and looked like they were ready to drop their leaves.

Another Snowy Morning by @markkujantunen

In some areas autumn is met with snow, where @markkujantunen lives this happened again. It was time to move the patio furniture inside and change the tires on vehicles to be ready for whatever the winter has in store.

Autumn Photography Week 2 - Niagara Gorge - Niagara Falls NY by @the-bitcoin-dood

Going on a walk by the power plant along Niagara Falls New York many trees can be seen changing. A large build up of leaves have also occurred on the walkway. The water was looking quite clear and flowing nicely.

Under Nature's Canopy by @adetorrent

It was a cool day but still felt quite refreshing to be out in nature. The colors of the trees were changing from yellow to purple on some, and a few flowers were still blooming at this time.

Thats my curation of five minnows on the Hive Blockchain for the week. Stay tuned next week to see the next five of Solo's picks.

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Just gotta appreciate nature wow, it's a pity we don't have seasons like fall or spring in my country. Look at all those beauty!

Sure is amazing, hopefully you can visit somewhere that does. Its worth seeing the leaves change colors this time of year.

Haha, hopefully one day, I can do so. It's amazing indeed

When crypto moons, a perfect time to go on an adventure.

Lovely autumn picks Solo @solominer! I appreciate having my post included.😊

thanks alot, they sure are some great photos.

Glad to include yours in the post as well :-)

Beautiful pics!
Too bad that does not happen here...
Have a Great Week!

Aww, yeah I feel ya. Where I used to live we did not really have seasons.

thanks alot, you too.

Thank you so much for sharing! Awesome collection of posts here.

No problem, and yeah they sure are. thanks alot for the comment and making the post.