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I checked out posts on the Hive blockchain and found some great plant posts I would like to share with the community. About fifteen years ago I got into growing plants. I started with cactus and then moved onto vines and vegetables. And more recently fruit trees. So when I see other peoples plants I really appreciate the care they put into them to keep them flourishing.

Here are my five picks of minnows plants on Hive:

Philodendron Moonlight by @heyalexa

@heyalexa bought these plants called Philodendron Moonlight's. The plan was to sell them but that did not work out, so now they are house plants for them. Shopping for plants can be tricky online, and deals can be found at different times. They reflect on how a week later there was an even better deal for this type of plant.

Growing Beautiful Periwinkle - Catharanthus Roseus Beauty by @kashifimran

Growing Periwinkle has some tricks to it, and @kashifimran shares with us some tips to successfully grow this perennial. Watering should be done once some growth has formed, and also certain times of year are better than others for planting this little flower.

I got two new plants again xD by @lilchillgirl

This hive minnow recently got a succulent to put into a glass jar, its a Crassula ovata - known as the "money tree", "good luck" or even "friendship tree". I grew these when I lived in warmer climates and its a pretty plant to grow. It produces little flowers as well when happy. They also got an Orchid and curious about what color the flower will be. It will be a surprise when it happens.


This user shares with us some pictures of a wild Nightshade plant. From my experience some are poisonous, but I am not sure if this one @dipro02 found is or not. I would not try it just in case.. haha. They went for an afternoon bike ride towards their village and saw this red fruit bearing thorny plant. It does have cool looking berries, almost like little tomatoes.

Macro photography of Sun Flowers 🌞 by @nehar

They share with us some large sun flowers that have bloomed this summer. The Sunflower has a special pattern with how its seeds are arranged. Its known as the Fibonacci sequence and can be found in many other places in nature. Those are some happy looking flowers, great to see them shared with the community.

Thats my curation of five minnows on the Hive Blockchain for the week. Stay tuned next week to see the next five of Solo's picks...

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Thank you so much for shouting out my account! I have been MIA for a little bit, but I plan to get back on here again and post daily!
Take care :)

Ah glad to curate your post. Hope your plants are doing well.