Solo's weekly picks: Gardening techniques

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With summer coming around and spring well under way where I live. I checked out some others gardens and homestead techniques that people on Hive were posting this week. I found alot of great content, and want to share with it with the community.

Here are five content creators that caught my eye.

Gardening : DIY Rooting Solution by @nomadicmedhunt

This user has found a way to leech rooting hormone from a cutting of a large Willow plant. He soaks the cutting in water and over time that water is filled with rooting hormone given off by the Willow cutting. This water can then be used to help root other plants naturally. I had no idea Willow had natural rooting compounds inside that could be diluted in the water its sitting in.

Exciting Times On The Plot. by @artonmysleeve

Starting compost is something ive been keeping an eye on, maybe one day ill make my own. But for the mean time reading about others techniques is interesting. They add worms to their compost to help break down what is being added to the bin. These are a special species of worms known for their composting ability eating their own body weight in compost every 24 hours.

How to Transplant Seedlings into the Garden, 4 Mistakes you MUST Avoid by @gardeningchannel

Some mistakes made by gardeners can be missed if frost dates are observed, and giving plants enough spacing to survive. The depth of the planting is important as well. Many great points are brought up in this video. Always a good idea to see if maybe one or more things you do in the garden can be better.

Trellising and the Melon Pond by @movingman
Using the environment around them a trellis is built to support upcoming plants. Bamboo and cordage made from leaves was used to build this structure for the plants. In a comment they talk about the cordage. See the quote below

"I made some rope earlier from the same leaves by instructions and its actually simple! its one technique for all, so then just trying it out on different fiberous materials"

All Of The Plants Are Outside by @papercarmelo

@papercarmelo talks about how they are growing some new plants and the progress is going well. Though treating some insect larva in the soil with hydrogen peroxide may have caused some issues with the plants. A battle between the bugs and keeping the healthy plants is a fine balance. But they seem to be recovering and doing alright now. Finding mushrooms growing in their container seems to be annoying them, but honestly they should just be left alone I think.

Thats my five curations of Minnows on the Hive Blockchain.

Addresses below to help me buy better camera equipment and support me to travel to locations to do photo and video and overall great blogs in new places. I would be happy to list some of the contributors in my posts for donations that help me along the way.



cool selections of gardening 😀

Ah appreciated.. they sure are.

Thanks for sharing gardening knowledge.I love it.

Ah glad to share some great content creators.

We had a tomato plant that a limb broke off and I stuck the limb in a pot of potting soil and now have another tomato plant. It rooted without rooting hormones.

Oh damn! That's impressive. I've heard about Tomato plants grown from cuttings but did not know it's that easy.