Minnowsupport is moving to HIVE!

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Hello everyone!

It's been an exciting few weeks in the blockchain world and now that the dust has settled and HIVE is alive we would like to issue a formal statement about the direction of the minnowsupport project. We fully support the HIVE fork and while we will continue to offer support to STEEM users in the PAL discord, our on chain activity and focus will be on HIVE.

We're updating the infrastructure for our updooters and curators to make the transition smoother and will hopefully be back to fully operational in the coming days! The msp-curation initiative will continue on HIVE so if you were following the trail on STEEM you can now follow on HIVE!

If you have any questions about either HIVE/STEEM or just want to say hello, please drop in to the PAL discord and we will be happy to help. A big thank you to the wonderful community we have here, see you all on HIVE!

-The Minnowsupport Team



is msp-africa still a thing? if so is there some curation trail i can join or something?

It's no longer a thing. When we first started, we were looking for specific curation groups many of them fell to the side as interest wasn't there.. Since then, we have streamlined into what we have now.

What about your RPC node? Will it move to Hive?

Are you going to be changing your name? I think a bee theme is more appropriate around here, like Worker Bee, Drone, Queen Bee, etc.

Thanks for supporting Hive!

 10 months ago 

I think the nomenclature is ubiquitous throughout all crypto. There are BTC whales, ETH whales, etc, so "minnow" still makes sense on HIVE.

Yeah, I suppose that makes sense. I think I'm just in a honeymoon phase with the bee theme right now lol

Awesome :)

Nice to know this. Welcome to hive

Yay, Great place for a chat and unwind with some blockchain folk.