and Palcoin..... Yay!

in minnowsupport •  last year  (edited) is live today! is a new front end for the Steem blockchain which features the new token, Palcoin!

Palcoin is a token released on Steem-Engine and is powered by Scotbot.

Click here to read the entire Whitepaper!

Here's how it works:

  • Use palnet as one of your tags
  • You can use any Steem front end and include palnet as one of your tags
  • Or you can use and it will automatically add the palnet tag to your post
  • If your post gets upvoted by someone with staked Palcoin then you get rewarded with Palcoin
  • When you vote on a post to reward Palcoin, it will vote the same % on steem and reward Steem/SBD
  • Similarly, your posts will receive Steem/SBD and Palcoin simultaneously
  • The only posts that appear on are the posts that include the palnet tag, which is automatically included if you post via the site

So you can either use or you can use any other Steem front end and include the palnet tag.....
Either way, if you get upvoted by someone with staked Palcoin you will get rewarded in both Palcoin and Steem!


If someone with staked Palcoin upvotes a palnet tagged post via a different Steem front end (e.g. or Partiko) then does the post still earn Palcoin?

  • Yes it does, people can continue using whatever interface they like and still be rewarding pal 😊, the benefit to using is it automatically adds the palnet tag and displays the payout in palcoin.

Will my Steem/SBD rewards be reflected in my Steemit account or Palnet?

  • If you're on,,, or any other front end, you'll see your Steem/SBD payouts and wallets. On, you will only see your Palcoin payout/rewards, but that may change to a hybrid system soon where you can see both.

Has the claimdrop happened yet??

  • Not yet, but it will be happening soooooooon.
    Be sure to follow @minnowsupport for updates!

Will you also be claimdropping kittens???

  • Maybe?

Please feel free to stop by the Palnet Discord if you have any questions!

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Thanks for breaking this down for everyone. Looking forward to Palnet. Repaled? Repalled? (resteemed)

You're welcome!

I'm very excited about this new platform and coin. This is making steem fun again!

The logo looks really cool I think. Nice job to whoever did that!!

I agree!

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I believe @zaxan created it

Hello <3
Thanks guys yeah I make some work for the community. Great to see people like it.

We love it.....thanks @zaxan!

Yay! I'm glad to hear that!

I want my kitties!!!

Sending 5,000!!!

me tooooo, kitties please! But be careful if airdropping! :P

This is great. Palnet has always been a friendly and fun community though I have not been on the server for a while now due to some difficulties.

It is good to hear about Palcoin. I am excited by all the possibilities, this presents for the steem blockchain as well as for the Palnet community members.

I hope this would affect the economy of the steem blockchain positively. Good work @isaria

Thanks, I'm excited as well!

It needs to be airdropping puppies not kittens silly.

I'll make that happen ASAP!

I did a post about it but should be puppies because PAL is the name of a dogfood in many parts of the world.

lol true....I'll go find your post....

Now this is a shot and sweet post that rounds up everything!
Super stoked for palnet, and I might be hanging around here more often. It is my first time ever since it's release

Awesome.....thank you!

Good project. Thank you for this valuable post

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So what happens to the old MSPactive tokens? I remember reading something about it.... do we keep those? Do we trade them in for PAL? Are they still a thing, or have they become obsolete?

You can trade those in for Palcoin. We still need to set that up though. We will make an announcement post on @minnowsupport when it's ready.

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@isaria Do I just use #palnet as a tag, or do I need to sign up with palnet? If so how do I sign up?

All you have to do is use palnet as one of your tags :)

@isaria thank you, will do.