MinnowsPower Daily Update - 29-Jun-2019


Current Status of the MinnowsPower

  • Steem Power :- 2,175.64 SP ( 1,353.59 + 822.05 )
  • Bot Type :- Bid Bot
  • Upvote Worth (Based on Voting Power) :- $0.05

"MinnowsPower-Booster" functioning well

  • Current Lowest Bid Amount :- 0.01 SBD/STEEM
  • Current Highest Bid Amount :- 0.03 SBD/STEEM

MinnowsPower SP Delegates

MinnowsPower is a crowdfunding project. Therefore, people who delegated their SP to MinnowsPower will get ultimate benefits and daily delegation rental as well. Current list of MinnowsPower SP Delegators as follows:

MinnowsPower Resteem Service

Send 1 STEEM to @minnowspower and resteem your post with us.

Important Notice

  • Bid Bot Script :- @minnowspower is a hardfork of well known bid bot @postpromoter developed by @yabapmatt
  • Ownership :- Team @theguruasia (TGA Network)
  • Funds Less Than 0.002 SBD/STEEM will consider as Donations.
  • Don't Send Funds while @MinnowsPower is Sleeping.
  • Refund process is automated.

  • How to get our services?

    To get @minnowspower bidbot service you should not be at the blacklist of @steemcleaners. All bids that sent by @steemcleaners blacklisted accounts will donate to @steemcleaners.

    Have a nice day!