RE: HF 21 - P2P Vote Selling IS Better than Bot Delegation!

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HF 21 - P2P Vote Selling IS Better than Bot Delegation!

in minnowbooster •  7 months ago 

That is why we recommend that you do P2P vote selling. Curation rewards for P2P go to the voter, the delegation bot is just a helper and will make less profit.

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Mmm, to bad.

I really hoped MB would nutralised the HF change in the math used.

So things wouldn't change for buyer/delegator/MB.

After HF21:
Buyer = gets the same
Delegator = gets less
MB = gets more

Doesn't sound right/fair does it?

Btw. I don't want to use the P2P system be cuase it doenst use all the Voting Power available. Thus wasting VP / ROI / chance to auto-upvote awesome content...

We are currently evaluating ways to make delegation worthwhile again, but we don't plan to do the whole powerdown into payout thing, as it complicates and drags out payments a lot.

If P2P does not use all the voting power you allow it to, then that is a bug and you can tell us so we will investigate. If you set it to keep your VP at say 90% then it will do that +- 2% or so. And if not, come to us and we investigate/fix.

Update: we decided to not take our 15% share if we receive the curation rewards. That way delegators get the consistent payments and we average out on the long term curation rewards, which would fluctuate more and are a bigger risk.

With that in mind, delegating to @minnowbooster should with HF21 be very profitable :)

Thanks for the update!