RE: HF 21 - P2P Vote Selling IS Better than Bot Delegation!

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HF 21 - P2P Vote Selling IS Better than Bot Delegation!

in minnowbooster •  7 months ago 

No, we intentionally left this to the buyer. We don't know what happens before/after our vote so we don't want to incentivise votes on empty content that then get fluffed by a second bot.

We treat it as a linear curve and if you are at the bottom of the curve then our vote will be less valuable. But once it reaches the top that vote will pay out as intended.

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Ok i like that, so the people will use it less on posts that no one else voted before, so people have higher chance to become curation reward and it is used less on shit posts.

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Exactly, that was one of the things we wanted to incentivise :)

I think we at least need a disclaimer though, saying the stated amount isn't guaranteed unless the post if above the threshold.