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RE: MinnowBooster now follows C-Cubed!

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hey cool to read this :) I am one of the cofounders of @c-squared. Just to clarify, as it seems you are currently following the @c-squared vote but pasted the @c-cubed curation info into the post above: @c-cubed is a second layer of curation on top of the @c-squared upvotes. @c-cubed account votes fewer times per day, ~10 times daily all at 100% strength on some of the best posts curated through @c-squared.

The @c-squared account on the other hand votes ~50-100 posts daily at variable vote % from 5 - 75%, with a lot of smaller 5% votes. I just wanted to make sure you were trailing the trail you intended, as trailing @c-squared at a fixed 25% might drain your VP.

Cheers and thanks so much for the support, means so much!

As an FYI to anyone reading this, the @c-squared curation community is a totally volunteer driven organization that powers up all earnings in excess of monthly witness server costs to increase the vote we give out to authors :) Please join us as a curator if you would like to help us find great posts!


Thanks for the information, I didn't realise that about c-cubed myself and have noticed my VP drained a bit following c-squared at 40%.

I will switch over to c-cubed later on with a higher % 🙂

Thanks for your support on some of my posts in the past too

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if you do c-squared then do it at 10% or less, c-cubed should be fine at 25%.

Thanks for that, just changed my settings now and following both (10% and 25% respectively).

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Ah, that was a mistake on my end! I couldn't find the c-squared info and thus assumed the one posted on c-cubed is the correct one.

that info is correct for @c-cubed, which I think might have been the trail you intended to follow in the first place.

In a nutshell:

  • @c-squared is an open discord community for curators, posts curated through the discord are manually reviewed then upvoted & resteemed on the @c-squared account. As I mentioned, this is a pretty high volume of daily votes, usually between 50 to 100 votes daily.
  • @c-cubed is a second layer of curation, server admins vote on the recently curated posts and feature ~10 daily with a 100% @c-cubed vote and inclusion in the daily featured post.

Let me know if you have any questions.
You can find (unfortunately a bit out of date - we need to publish a new operations post) info about @c-squared / @c-cubed here:

Hey Carl, we have switched over to voting @c-cubed at 25% and have updated a few bits of the post above. Thanks for spotting this and clarifying.

Thanks again @thecryptodrive , we really appreciate your support! Please consider a @buildteam witness vote for @c-squared, I see you support @curie and @crowdwitness with similar missions. Let me know if you have any questions RE our witness. Cheers - Carl