Citrine Crystal

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My most recent two posts talked about an Amethyst Crystal and a Geode which I received as gifts. There was a third crystal in the package, which I will show today, a beautiful Citrine crystal.

In the post about the Amethyst Crystal, I mentioned how quartz is normally white or clear unless other elements creep into the SiO4 silicon–oxygen matrix. I mentioned how amethyst is quartz that has been colored purple because of the presence of iron. Citrine is also colored yellow-golden by the presence of iron, so how can some stones become amethyst and some become citrine?

The answer is: heat 🔥

If amethyst is heated, the purple color gives way to yellow and orange hues because of the change in the oxidation state of iron within the crystal. Most citrine that occurs in nature is a pale yellow. If low-grade amethyst is intentionally heated properly to form citrine, though, it usually turns a darker golden color, orange, or reddish-orange. This crystal, therefore, was likely heat-treated, but is still no less beautiful to me than if it had come from the earth looking like this.

The bottom of the crystal is a wonderful opaque white mass of quartzy goodness, with all of the included iron residing in the other end of the piece.

It may sound rather odd, but I cannot think of citrine without thinking of @katrina-ariel and her own citrine crystal, which she wrote about last year on the blockchain. She took her citrine crystal to an in-person meetup with other Steemians, and it came to symbolize all of us who wanted to be there but could not be, for whatever reasons. So, I consider this crystal — especially since it was gifted to me by a person who was in the presence of that crystal — as an "extension" of Katrina-Ariel's crystal, connecting me to the thoughts of love of other Steemians. 😊

The iron-rich top of the crystal is translucent, allowing light to pass through, although it is not fully transparent. There's a lot of "stuff" to see inside the top of the crystal: bits of silicon that were not oxidized to become part of the crystal, proper, and it forms several planes and small bits that reflect light beautifully!

And here is one final look at the citrine crystal, posing alongside its traveling companions from the package which brought it to me:

A big Thank You! to @enginewitty for this lovely gift of the
three beautiful crystals to add to my collection! 🤗


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Aw, I love that the citrine makes you think of me. How sweet! I actually sent that particular citrine across the sea to @saffisara. After taking it to several meetups, I thought it should go to her, because she brings so much heart to my Steem family, and has yet to have the chance to meet any of us in person (that I know of). And what a thoughtful gift by @enginewitty! He's good like that—thoughtful and generous. And so the family grows together. :)

As we should :) Swear I learn something new every time she puts a post out. This time, it was the difference between the amethyst and citrine colors :P


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Hey @thekittygirl, here is a little bit of BEER from @pixresteemer for you. Enjoy it!

This is lovely, @thekittygirl. I really enjoyed reading about the citrine crystal and how it connected you to @katrina-ariel. It reminds me of why I love this platform so much. I learn something every single day, and it warms my heart to see how it brings people together. I had missed her post, so thank you for that!

Indeed! It does bring us together. I love that! :)

Such lovely crystals! 😊😊

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Pretty. And the contents kinda reminded me of the chemistry classes I had in secondary school, heat, pressure, how one atom slid into the other to cause beautiful things... Well, too much for my little brain, but its beautiful so maybe just let the eyes enjoy it for now :)

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Thanks @thekittygirl! These articles that you share about geodes and such are fascinating! Very interesting #steemstem worthy quality content (geology).

Your post spurred me on to learn more about Citron and its metaphysical properties. This is what I found out...

  • Citrine was one of the 12 stones/crystals in the Hebrew High Priest's Breastplace which was used to talk to G-D.
  • Citrine is traditionally believed to bring wealth and is also known as the Merchant's Stone.
  • Citrine is reported to hold no negativity. Therefore; it never requires cleansing or clearing.
  • Citrine is associated with the following astrological signs:   Libra, Gemini, Aries and Leo.

I found this information on The Magic of Rocks & Stones-CONTROVERSCIAL.COM

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an "extension" of Katrina-Ariel's crystal, connecting me to the thoughts of love of other Steemians.

I love that! Didn't really think of it that way, but totally means it now! Super hugs!

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Crystals are truely something mind boggling...

I recently stumbled upon this, human sized crystals, which kind of blew my mind.

thanks for sharing on #pypt, i enjoyed learning a bit more about crystals, too!

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