Amethyst Crystal

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Yesterday, I shared a post about a pretty geode that was gifted to me by enginewitty and today I share another item that was in the package he sent to me: a lovely crystal of amethyst!

Most of you dear readers, I trust, will know what I mean when I say that any photos I take of this crystal can't do it justice. I am only an amateur photographer, but I seriously doubt that even a professional photographer could capture all of the complexities and beauty that this crystal possesses. There are so very many twists and turns in the surface of this beauty that it is astounding. It is definitely one of the most deliciously twisted and contorted items in my collection!

So, what is amethyst? It is quartz, a SiO4 blend of silicon and oxygen atoms, and is one of the most abundant minerals in the earth. When one says "quartz," however, one is usually referring to the clear or milky versions of it. When impurities creep in, the color of the stone can change. When iron is present, it can cause the purple-colored quartz variety that we call "amethyst." In the same way, the presence of other trace elements can cause other color varieties, such as yellow or golden citrine, pink rose quartz, green prasiolite, and others.

Therefore, the same basic silicon–oxygen composition forms the basis for this crystal as well as the Phoenix Crystal and the druzy crystals inside the Kitty Geode. The only difference is the presence of minute amounts of iron particles throughout this one!

The irregularities in the exterior structure of this crystal could be caused by a variety of things. There might have been an absence of silicon and oxygen near the edges of where the crystal formed, it may have formed in a small space inside a larger rock, it may have been damaged by pressure changes within its environment, or it could have been damaged when it was extracted from the earth.

Different lighting conditions can also affect the appearance of crystals. All of the above photos were made in the incandescent lighting inside my house. The following photos were made with sunlight streaming through a nearby window and falling on the crystal. Note the patches of brighter -versus- darker material within the rock.

One end of the crystal is slightly milky with more free silicon inside (as was easily seen in the Phoenix Crystal) with most of the color-changing iron particles concentrated towards the middle and the opposite end. These is less free silicon ("free" as in not-bound to oxygen) particles in that other end, causing it to be more transparent and perfectly-formed in the expected "crystalline" shape (with a termination point).

This crystal has been polished to a very smooth surface and is delightful to hold in the hand and run one's fingers over it. Crystals like this make good "worry stones" to fiddle with when one is nervous or needs comforting. Several years ago, I usually slept with a quartz crystal in my hand at night, and often have a crystal or stone of some sort in my purse.

If one is attentive to detail, much time can be spent with a crystal like this, as it is a whole world unto itself. I have already spent maybe an hour looking at this crystal and playing with it, yet I have only begun to scratch the surface of what is there!

A big Thank You! to @enginewitty for this lovely gift! 🤗


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I am Crystal collector, i love crystal very much and feel the vibration of the crystal.

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How wonderful that you collect crystals, too! Have you written about them on the blockchain?

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Thank you for the TRDO 😊

Most welcome, I love the pictures with the sunlight illuminating it! Can see so many different avenues of color. Glad you like it sweets, makes me happy you are happy.

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Thank you so much! And thank you for all the curation you did, too! 😊

Fascinating, I should keep some with me for abundance then!

Great idea, and you can blog about them, too, if you do! 😊

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We all know that you just love presents and that we get those great photos by you in our photo room 😉 great to get and it’s not even Christmas hihih well deserved

Thank you for the lovely commemt, sweetness! 😊

That is beautiful!!!
I have never considered collecting crystals but after seeing yours, it may change my mind!

It can be quite addictive, as with any collection. I remember sitting on the ground as a child, digging with a stick hoping to find "pretty rocks" but never found anything so awesome as these! LOL! 😊

What a beautiful stone @thekittygirl :) I love the rich colors, such a sweet gift. We are always collecting stones and shells in our family, each one being unique in its own way.

Sounds like you have plenty of things for future posts, too! 😁

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Great crystal !! .. it is so amazing how many different beautiful shaped and coloured minirals you can get by just changing the composition and arrangement of just a few atoms ^^

I know, right...?!?!? It is absolutely astounding!

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Thank you so much! 😊

Beautiful amethyst crystal. My birthstone is ruby. DO you come across them as crystals too?

Yes, I do! Although ruby is not my birthstone, it is my very favorite of the gemstones! I have a small, raw (uncut, unpolished) ruby stone, a slightly-polished 'star' ruby stone, and a cut-and-polished ruby rock (beautiful, but not "gem quality") in my collection. I need to do another post with them sometime soon!

I also have two ruby rings in my jewelry collection... one has a very small cut ruby mounted in it (although it was not a very expensive ring), and the other is the 4.5-carat ruby that I wear the most. I will try to get shots and feature them in a post, too! So, that is yet another thing we have in common, love of rubies! 😊

What camera do you use to take the pictures of the crystal? The details are quite clear to be honest, and I like its color

I use the 16-MP camera on my Samsung NOTE 4 cellphone. I think it is really good as far as cellphone cameras go. 🙂

I think they are beautiful, and a little mysterious if I let my imagination take off. I got this amethyst from a YouTube friend as a livestream trade. I recall trading half a Litecoin for an Original silver channel bar and this amethyst was one of a few unexpected extras he tossed in.

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Oh, that's pretty, and what a wonderful 'bonus' piece for him to include for you!!! 😊

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That really is a lovely gift. And a great post on it. I learned a lot. Your photos capture the stone beautifully.